Saturday, May 10, 2008

The Hottest Insite Magazine Party Ever....Literally

Tonight I went to an Austin Insite Magazine party at the Emo's Lounge. I got there around 11pm so I missed the two opening bands, but I was right on time for She Craves. Now I was familiar with She Craves long before tonight. I met them when doing marketing work for a tattoo shop (In The Flesh Tattoo Studio) and they were super cool. I saw them at the last Insite Magazine show I attended a few months back, also at Emo's Lounge. I dig them personally. From what I am told by other band friends of mine who know them, they haven't been together that long. Maybe a couple of years or so is what I hear. Despite not being together long, they do well together and usually give a good show. Tonight they were off compared to that last time I saw them, but with good reason. It was hot outside and super humid to say the least. That was outside. Inside the Emo's lounge, it was ten times worse. I needed a new t-shirt after waiting at the bar for a drink. People were fanning themselves, waiting to get their drinks before She Craves went on.

And another thing, why was there only one bartender working that night? It took soooo long to get two Lone Stars. Now understand this is not a gripe about the bartender's service. She was busting her butt behind the counter working herself to the bone. I feel for her. It was the same one bartender set up at the last Insite show. It was the same bartender and she was working by herself then. C'mon Emo's. Get her some help already. She handled it well but people get pissy waiting for drinks that long and it was hot as hell on top of that. I hope people were decent enough to tip her well. Girl if you are reading this, my hats off to you. I tipped you five bucks just for getting me two cheap beers.

Well after I got my drinks, She Craves got started. It was great because their intro song was the A-Team theme song. I don't know if that was their decision or the sound guy's, but it was cool none the less. They got started and it was still intolerably hot. I felt for the bands because they were hotter under those stage lights. They got going and I tried to enjoy myself. She Craves is a pop rock band with a little bit of a 90s alternative feel to them. The hardcore kids won't like them and neither will the hipster/scenester genre, but so what. There is nothing wrong with rock that appeals to the mainstream. Getting back to what I said earlier, this was not lead singer Christine Taylor's best show. The heat had to be getting to her. Plus She Craves tours a lot and that could be wearing on her as well. She still pleased the crowd, but the first show I saw from them was a lot more energetic. I am not normally so forgiving of bands for this, but that heat was beast. Only those who were there can truly know. I still dig them. My songs of choice from them are "You Move Me' and "Radio Days". "Radio Days" seems to be their single they're pushing so I provided you the video below in case you want to check it out.

Radio Days

After She Craves finished, I couldn't bare to stay any longer. It felt better outside than it did inside. I really wanted to stay and check out a band called Tungsten Coil that was having their CD release party. I had checked them out earlier on myspace just to see what they sounded like. I thought they might be worth checking out being the Insite Magazine cover boys this month. From I heard and saw on their myspace page, I wasn't really feeling them. I am just not into that "industrial" sound really. They seem to get some buzz around town and according to their myspace page, they got an Austin Music Award for "Best Industrial Band" for 2007/2008. I guess if that's your genre of choice, then maybe they are worth checking out. I was going to myself, but again, too damn hot. I felt bad for them especially since it was their CD release and all.

Finally I returned from another bar up the street to end my night with my friends The Banner Year. Not too many people stuck around for them at the one o'clock spot unfortunately. I couldn't stay for the whole show. Too hot. Did I mention that already? I got a funny story though from tonight for you readers, and a testament to how cool The Banner Year guys are. While I was standing outside talking to drummer Facundo La Rocca, he managed to pull in four ladies by basically paying for them to get in. What was so funny was his approach. He stepped up to them as a complete stranger and as a shameless self promoter. They apparently did not have enough cash to get in, so he paid for half. I was not sure if it was out of his pocket or the band's collective funds. They got in and watched part of the show at least, if not the whole show. Hopefully the boys made some new myspace friends and fans. Smooth Facundo. Way to use your Latin suave.

You may be wondering why
I am not reviewing them. I'm not going to review The Banner Year because we are good friends and it should be obvious that I like their sound a lot. I have mentioned they are my friends in a previous blog and will be at another show they have in July with The Material. I will recommend that show to anyone. Check them out for yourself. I hear they will be getting their myspace profile pimped out by Gwizsk Design soon. Good move fellas. Sorry you had to play a heat box of a venue tonight. Your black shirts must have been drenched.

Oh well, the next Insite showcase can only be better....or at least cooler.


Manuel H. said...

I became a "She Craves" fan after seeing their promo on METV. I then researched their music and became a solid fan. I like their contagious energy, both musically and physically.

I heard about "The Banner Year" not to long ago and thought they were OK. I really didn't pay much attention after that until I met Facundo. I met Facundo on Sixth Street, downtown Austin, Texas, going around asking businesses for permission to put up a poster promoting "Th Banner Year" performance at EMO's. I was really impressed by his one man marketing skills and just how nice a guy he was. You want to meet Facundo to befriend him and to help him promote "The Banner Year."

I checked out "Tungsten Coil" on myspace and thought they were a good music group. I'm just not a fan of "industrial" music. I will defer my comment for now.

I'm sorry to hear about the uncomfortable conditions at EMO's. I'm sure EMO's, being one of Austin's top club/venue, will make every effort to make their customers next visit memorable because of the cool, comfortable environment and superior bar service.

SeanclaesDOTcom said...

Everyone was hot at Emo's Lounge.
I think that should be the slogan. They use.
It was one mother of a sauna in there. Good thing the beer was cold.

Thanks for coming out to INsite Night.
I'll let you know where the June show will be. I'm a few days from booking that show.