Wednesday, December 31, 2008

My First Free Week Pick: Built By Snow & Zlam Dunk

What's up everyone? After you recover from all the New Year's stuff, the real fun begins with Free Week. There will be many free shows (for 21 and up, small cover for under 21) all over downtown at venues like Emo's and Red 7 just to name a few. My first Free Week show I'm recommending to you is Built By Snow at The Mohawk. On the bill with them is my new favorite band, Zlam Dunk, and The Always Ready. I'll be out and about all week, discovering new bands I like, learning about bands I don't like and enjoying my current favorites. See you on Red River.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Candlebox: Alive in Seattle Review on cdFuse

If you’re anything like me, you too occasionally yearn for some good old 90s alternative. It is the music of our youth, the music that defeated hair metal and the era that brought us Candlebox. Everyone remembers their mega hit, Far Behind, with that signature guitar intro and all the other memories of 1993 that come with it. Well with their new live CD, Alive in Seattle, we can temporarily relive the bands greatness…

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Monday, December 29, 2008

New Album from Sober Daze

Every time I go to a local punk show, I wonder if I am going to see anyone new or buzz worthy. I have wondered for a longtime who would fill the shoes of great veteran punk bands like Lower Class Brats, Born to Lose or the Krum Bums. There are plenty of good local punk bands in Austin. One band that will surpass the up and coming status soon, and I mean sooner than later, is Sober Daze. I got first listen to their new release, No Brainz, No Headache.

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New Album from Built By Snow

We just received the upcoming release, Mega, from Austin’s own Built By Snow. Mega is set for a January 20, 2009 release, but I got an early listen this week. Having followed Built By Snow for some time now, I was not surprised or disappointed by what I heard on Mega.

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Nikka Costa Album Review on cdFuse

If you are looking to fill the Amy Winehouse void in your life and Duffy doesn’t quite do it for you, then check out what we got in the mail recently at cdFuse. The newest release from Nikka Costa, someone I consider to have one of the best voices in music, will easily fill that void.

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