Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Wednesday Night Show Pick: DJ Ladysuit w/Astronaut Suit, Darling New Neighbours, Nic Armstrong (with The Ripe), Sex Dragon.

She spins! That's right...DJ Ladysuit is Austinist editor Paige Maguire.Tonight for only $2, you can catch DJ Ladysuit and four bands at The Chain Drive. According to an email I received, Ladysuit will be spinning new wave and post punk. This you have to see (or hear).

What's interesting to me about this show is the venue or location. The Chain Drive is the Texas Chainsaw Massacre-esque shack at the bottom of the hill on 504 Willow. I picture it something like the '70s classic back drop where Leatherface goes on a killing spree. Ok that's a little weird...sorry. Basically The Chain Drive is off Red River, one block south of Cesar Chavez on a dead end street. It kind of looks like a pole barn with a parking lot.

Bands start playing at 9pm. Click on the flier above to get a better look at the details as far as the bands. It will be a cool party before the madness that is ACL ensues.

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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Album Review: 'When The Devil's Loose' by A.A. Bondy


Indie-folk artist, A.A. Bondy, is not a household name. He will not be selling out stadiums or topping the Billboard charts anytime soon, but you will certainly like him if you listen to his music. If you already have Bondy’s first album, American Hearts, then you already love him. Now that I have heard Bondy’s latest album, I understand why that is.

A.A. Bondy’s sophomore album, When The Devil’s Loose, just became one of my new favorite albums. Released at the beginning of the month, I have listened to it for a around three weeks now. I kept listening for anything negative or imperfect that maybe I didn’t catch previously before I wrote about it. I refused to believe that albums this close to perfect exist anymore, as if it were something of the past. It’s like my dad says to me, “There’s music and then there’s music”. A.A. Bondy makes music.

At the beginning of When The Devil’s Loose, the acoustic guitar intro to “Mightiest of Guns” sound like musical rain drops. Not much else joins the guitar as Bondy begins to sing. His voice is that of a hip, indie rock band lead singer but with the Dlyan-esque warmth that great folk singers possess. He has that old school warmth that too many popular artists lack.

The title track, “When The Devil’s Loose” is my personal favorite on the album. It is a fantastic blues song disguised as indie-folk. Accompanied by a violin and floating guitar notes, it is difficult not to just lose yourself and not focus on whatever you were doing before the song started. Your mind just drifts.

For those who prefer more country or Americana sounds, “The Mercy Wheel” takes a page out of the classic Americana handbook without any twang or indie pretentiousness. There’s a beautiful piano accompaniment to Bondy’s somber and melancholy vocals. It saddens me to listen to it not just because of the lyrics themselves but it is the second to last song on an album you don’t want to end. From beginning to end, When The Devil’s Loose, is music at its absolute best.

Give a look and listen to A.A. Bondy on this great video I came across of Bondy performing "Mightiest of Guns".

Backstage Sessions : AA Bondy - The Mightiest of Guns from Hard to Find a Friend on Vimeo.

Review originally published on Double Stereo here.

Catch A.A. Bondy on tour here in Austin when he performs at The Parish on November 13th. More info here on Do512.

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Ocote Soul Sounds Return To Austin Tonight At Momo's !!!

Ocote Soul Sounds

Ocote Soul Sounds make their return to Austin tonight at Momo's with headliner Charanga Cakewalk as part of the KUT World Music Night. I first saw them live this year at Pachanga Fest back in May. Ocote's live set is really something, given all the talented musicians and great songs they have. Pictured above are Ocote members Martin Perna and Adrian Quesada. While both members are part of Ocote, both are members of other great bands here in Austin and Brooklyn.

Adrian Quesada is a guitarist for the Latin super group, Grupo Fantasma and the ultra funky Brownout. I know he's been busy lately with all the promoting of the latest Brownout album, Aguilas y Cobras. Be sure to pick that up if you haven't already as it is awesome from beginning to end. Tonight we'll get another look at Quesada with Ocote Soul Sounds.

Martin Perna seems to be a jack of all musical trades and down with every hip circle there is. A baritone saxophonist with the New York Afro-Beat funksters Antibalas, Perna has jammed with everyone in the sun. He's a founding member of Sharon Jones and The Dap Kings as well as being a classmate of Tunde Adebimpe who fronts TV On The Radio.

In case your curiosity has been sparked now, check out this live video of Ocote Soul Sounds from Fiesta gardens this past May. I also posted for you a couple of helpful links about Ocote Soul Sounds and tonight's show.While you're there be sure to pick up their new album, Coconut Rock.

For more on tonight's show, check out the show's post on Do512 here.


Austin Vida interview with Martin Perna by Ajay Miranda (includes more live video!)

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Monday, September 28, 2009

Ian's Indie Girl Crush, Volume Two: Ingrid Michaelson

Ingrid Michaelson (photo by Caleb Kuhl)

Tonight's Monday night show pick is also my second installment of Ian's Indie Girl Crush Series. Tonight at the Parish, Ingrid Michaelson takes the stage. It wasn't too long ago that I saw her on what I think was Jimmy Fallon, but I could be wrong. It was one of those late night talk shows that come on after Dave. Anyway, her voice wasn't the only thing that held my attention. She's super cute inthat singer-songwriter indie sort of way. She looks great in glasses and has that great girl next door approachability.

Michaelson is a New York based musician who got a lot of her early buzz from her songs being used in popular televison shows. Musically, she sings the kind of music you'd hear on KUT or while drinking a late night cup of coffee in your study. She is more singer song-writer than indie, but completely enjoyable either way to both crowds. For a Mondy Night, there is nothing better in town. If you are willing to drive to San Antonio then you can catch Metallica in San Antonio. If you're not the black t-shirt type, then Ingrid is the better choice and in town.

Check out a brief sampling of Ingrid Michaelson here with her video for her most famous single to date, "The Way I Am". It is from here album, Girls and Boys.

For more on tonight's show with Ingrid Michaelson, click here .

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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sunday Night Show Pick: Driver F at Emo's

Driver F is one of the best young bands to come out of Austin in a long time. They were all the buzz last year when their album, Chase The White Whale, was receiving much critical acclaim. Critics young and old seemed to enjoy the pop punk sounds of these young Woodlands natives who now call Austin home. They lost a little steam this year in terms of buzz, but not in terms of energy or winning over new fans. Having been so busy with other projects, I have yet to make it out to one of their shows this year. Shame on me indeed.

Driver F in the studio
I admit, I know of couple of the Driver F dudes personally. Tyler and (W)Andy were classmates of mine at St. Edwards. In fact I sat by Tyler almost all year before I figured out he was in a band. I got wind of it when checking out information for a Cruiserweight show, another local favorite pop punk band of mine here in town. It was funny because 1) I had no idea Tyler was a rock star, even though he has the perfect personality for one and 2) the video for their single, "Two Words Mr. President: Plausible Deniability", nearly had me spit out my drink as I was watching for the first time. What's up the song title you ask? I have no idea. They just picked random stuff and named their songs that way I guess. It is still one of their best songs and it gives you a good sense of what Driver F sound like. Think pop punk with brass, but not ska brass. Check it out:

Driver F - Two Words, Mr. President: Plausible Deniability from dane hurt on Vimeo.

To learn more about tonight's show and about the other bands on the bill, check out the post on Do512 here. You'll also enjoy Zlam Dunk. They're dance punk craziness is one of the best live shows around for those who like young, loud and crazy.

Driver F is currently in the studio working on a new album due out next year. When I asked lead singer Tyler Welsh about it, he said "All I can say is we are really working hard on demoing new songs right now and getting ready to record to have a new album out before next summer. Who knows we might play a couple of them at the show". There you have it. Check 'em out.

Helpful Driver F Links:

Driver F Facebook

Driver F official website

Driver F Merch on Double Stereo

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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Saturday Night Show Pick: Alex Cuba at Stubb's

Tonight at Stubb's indoor is your chance to check out one of my favorite Latin artists, Alex Cuba. I first learned of Alex Cuba through my friend Angela's program, Latino USA on NPR. Hostess Maria Hinojosa interviewed Alex and then played a couple of songs. Having loved what I heard, I got the album immediately. At the time it was his latest album called Humo de Tabaco, which translates to Tobaco Smoke.

It was funny because my favorite track on the album that I couldn't stop jammin' to was a song called "Dramatica Mujer".What is funny to me is the song features American pop star, Jason Mraz. I'm not into Mraz really, but he's tolerable at times. I loved Mraz's his recent rendition of a song he did with Mexican pop star, Ximena Sarinana, called "Suerte". It was a Spanglish remake of the same song with Colbie Caillat. If Mraz keeps pulling this Latin duo act, I may end up liking him one day.

Anyway, back to Alex Cuba...

He's no stranger to Austin. He's performed a buzz worthy set during SXSW in 2008 and did the Studio 1B performance at KUT. I have yet to see him live and look forward to tonight. He is touring to support his latest album, Agua Del Pozo. It is an amazing album, full of Cuba's signature Latin soul, jazz, funk and traditional Caribbean music stylings that won me over the first time I heard his music.

If Alex Cuba is completely new to you, then let me give you a brief background. He was born in the small Cuban town of Artemisia, right outside of Havana. He now lives in Canada, where he won a Juno award in 2006. he has his record label, called Caracol Records. For those of you who have the latest Nelly Furtado album, Mi Plan, he had a hand in that (pun intended). There's plenty of great and interesting info I left off, but you get the idea. 

Here's a little video taste of what his style sounds like. Plus, check out that amazing 'fro. It is his signature look. The video for the title track to Alex Cuba's latest album, Agua Del Pozo.

Here are some helpful links regarding Alex Cuba and tonight's show:

Alex Cuba Myspace

Alex Cuba Official Website

Alex Cuba Concert information on Do512

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Ian's Indie Girl Crush Series, Volume One : Zooey Deschanel

One thing my friends often tease me about is my affinity for cute indie girls who either act, sing, play instruments or all of the above. I usually deny it in effort to curb the teasing, but it is all so true. I love beautiful indie girls, especially those in bands. I find myself more interested in some of those bands as a result. With so many indie bands that feature many of my girl crushes, I decided to start a brief series if you will on my blog to pay tribute to my future ex-girlfriends. It works for Revolver with their "Hottest Chicks in Metal" series, so I figured why not an indie girl series? Maybe someone will discover a new favorite band in the process, which the main reason I started this blog in the first place.

The first installment of Ian's Indie Girl Crush is none other than the lovely, Zooey (pronounced like Zoe) Deschanel. I just recently saw 500 Days of Summer and the whole time I kept spacing out, just kind of staring at Zooey every time she came on because I didn't find the movie to be that entertaining. It was alright, but didn't live up to the hype. Deschanel made the movie for me and I see this movie as solidifying her as a current generational icon. Her style, her music and her beauty make Deschanel the complete package.

She & Him

Speaking of her music, Deschanel is half of the indie super duo, She & Him. Her partner in crime, M.Ward, is another Indie taste maker favorite. Together they form a super duo of sorts, playing classic 60's inspired folk pop. Deschannel sounds like an old country artist instead of the indie darling she appears to be. Their first album, entitled Volume One, has been in my iPod since its release. From what I have been reading online, Volume Two is in the works. I wonder if it going to be more of the same indie-folk or something totally different.I look forward to it.

If you haven't heard She & Him before, then check out this video below of my darling Zooey, who is married to the Deathcab For Cutie dude by the way. That's only because that bastard met her first, but I am alright with it since Deathcab is a pretty good band. Check out "Why Do You Let Me Stay Here?" and see what all my fuss is all about.

She & Him - Why Do You Let Me Stay Here? from Toolshed Media on Vimeo.

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Friday, September 25, 2009

Friday Night Concert Pick: Nortec Collective featuring Bostich & Fussible

 Tonight at Hogg Memorial on the U.T. campus is where it is at tonight. It wasn't easy making my concert selection as there are several great shows tonight. Del Castillo at Antone's is going to be great as always. You could experience some Red River history at The Red Eyed Fly and see the Riddlin' Kids and Rubberhead. I used to like seeing the Riddlin' Kids in my early twenties, but the rare opportunity to see Nortec Collective takes precedence over all. It is not everyday you hear music like Nortec's, much less get the opportunity to see them live here in Austin.
Nortec Collective featuring Bostich and Fussible

Nortec Collective is a group of four DJs from Tijuana, Mexico. At Hogg Memorial tonight you'll get to see Bostich and Fussible. No stranger to Austin, this same duo was the headlining act at the first annual Pachanga Fest. Signed to Nacional Records, arguably the best Latin Music label in the world, Nortec has received nothing but praise and critical acclaim. Their fusion of electronica and Mexican Norteno music is truly original. They coined the sound. Their Tijuana Sessions albums are some of my favorite in my personal collection.

What is great about Nortec is not just their original sound, but their live show. They perform to a back drop filled with an array of multi-colored lights and images while their band backs up their DJing. Pictured in the show flyer, you'll see them holding this white board with squares. It is actually called a tenori and they use it in their music. It's pretty cool actually, and rather than describe it I figured I'd post a video clip for you to check it out. Go to the show and you'll see it live in person. If I had a tenori, I'd never leave the house.

BOSTICH PLAYS TENORI-ON NORTEC from ramon amezcua on Vimeo.

For more on Nortec Collective or ticket info, visit the following links:

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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Thursday Night Show Pick: Girl in a Coma with Killola at Emo's

Tonight at Emo's, everything is happening. While Ra Ra Riot may be what's going on outside, the real show happens on the inside stage and for a lot cheaper. Returning to Austin are two fantastic touring acts, Girl in a Coma (San Antonio) and Killola (Los Angeles). The local opener is a cool band called Your Kisses Cause Crashes.

Girl in a Coma

Now anyone who knows me personally, or reads Ian's Music Blog regularly, knows I am a fan of Girl in a Coma. Yesterday I published a conversation with Phanie Diaz, drummer for Girl in a Coma, online at Austin Vida. We briefly chatted about what GIC does when in Austin and why they love it so much. There is also some great live video from their June show at Emo's you can check out. Thanks go to my Austin Vida crew, Angela and Ajay, for setting that up. Visit the Austin Vida Blog or check the post about it below. Girl in a Coma's great and there isn't much more I can say at this point. They are set to go on stage around midnight.


The other reason I'm stoked about the show tomorrow is the chance to check out Killola again. I saw them in 2008 on a random weeknight at Red 7 with The Action Design. That night I was there to see The Action Design and zero previous knowledge of Killola. Fronted by the talented and beautiful Lisa Rieffel, Killola is a high energy garage band with hints of new wave and punk. To date, their live show is still one of the best I've seen from an unsigned band. Watching Lisa Rieffel perform is like watching the bastard love child of Deborah Harry and Belinda Carlise.

Their live show isn't the only thing that impresses me about Killola. They are a DIY marketing machine like no other. They embrace of the digital era we are in has certainly paid off. They have a website, Myspace, a blog, a podcast, YouTube Channel, and free downloads. In fact, they offer their entire I Am The Messer Album free to fans. That's how I got it. According to their website bio, they had 30,000 downloads within the first three months. That number is way higher now as months have passed since its release. What a great way to build your fan base, and a loyal Killola tattooed fan base at that. Ever see this symbol K)) ? Killola understands what record companies don't and they will succeed as a result. I'm definitely on team Killola.

While we are on the subject of Killola, they just released their new video a couple of days ago on YouTube. The video is for their song "Cracks in the Armor" off their upcoming new record. It is like a Muppet Sponge Bob mixed with rock and roll. It's kind of weird, but it's a great track. Check Lisa out and tell me you don't see a young Deborah Harry.

For more information on tonight's show with Girl in a Coma and Killola, click here.

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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Wednesday Night Show Pick: The Boxing Lesson at Mohawk

Tonight at Mohawk, three cool bands will be taking the stage. Austin's own The Boxing Lesson will be playing with Sian Alice Group and My Education. Mohawk is one of my favorite venues in town, but inside can get a little crowded sometimes. Damn those noise ordinances!

I have not seen My Education live yet, as I only recently got a hold of some of their music. They seem cool, but definitely a band I have to be in the mood for. I feel the same about The Boxing Lesson, although I admit they have gotten better since I first started seeing them live. They have definitely grown on me and I look forward to new recordings coming up from them in the near future.

Sian Alice group is the headliner, as well they should be as they are the touring act coming all the way from The U.K. I have some of their songs on file and dig their sound when I'm writing late at night or just wanting to hear something calm in the background. Their sort of art-indie rock is just soothing at times. I'm looking forward to checking them out live.

I posted some links for you to give a listen to and educate yourself. You could just take my word for it...and I wouldn't blame you. Mohawk is where you want to be tonight.

Sian Alice Group(photo by Ben Rayner)

The Boxing Lesson (photo by Manuel Nauta)

My Education (photo by Farley Bookout)

Check out this great song from Sian Alice Group for their song, "Close To The Ground". You can find more specific show info here at Do512.

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Talking About Austin with Girl in a Coma drummer, Phanie Diaz

Girl in a Coma (photo by Adam Stockstill)

I caught up with Girl in a Coma drummer, Phanie Diaz, for a brief chat. I wanted to pick her brain about what Girl in a Coma does when in Austin and why they love it here so much. Austin certainly loves them and so do I. I will be sure and post more show info coming tomorrow.

Click here to read the Phanie Diaz chat on Austin Vida and see an exclusive live video performance.

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"Preludio" by Telaranas Y Telaperros

Telaranas y Telaperros

Telaranas y Telaperros are a talented young indie band originally from Atlanta, Georgia who are now based in Dallas, Texas. According to their bio, their influences lie with Joy Division, Silvio Rodriguez, and old Spanish Literature. In fact their band’s name comes from a line in the popular Pablo Neruda poem, Testamento de Otono. That alone should tell you that they see things, hear things, and think differently than most.

They are currently working on new material due out this fall. I absolutely love this band and regret not having discovered them sooner. For those of you who do not understand Spanish, fear not. They do sing in English as well, but their music is definitely capable of crossing over into English language markets. This is the kind of music Pitchfork and Paste Magazine are made of.

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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

EZ Action Tuesdays at Beaty Bar

I have no intention of going out tonight as I have been feeling under the weather since yesterday, but you should go out. If you're not going to see Charanga Cakewalk at Momo's, then you should head over to the uber hipster hangout known as the Beauty Bar for some drinks and dancing with DJ Scorpio and friends. I'll post some links for you to check out, but do check out the poster collection these dudes have using old vintage soft core images. I love their posters, easily the best in town.

EZ Action Tuesdays info:

Location: Beauty Bar, 617 E. 7th right by the I-35 Bridge and Red 7.

Hosted by DJ Scorpio, featuring DJ Trey Lopez and DJ Czech 1. Get there at 10 and stay until 2. Dance to some underground glam and dance music. Drink Lone Star and forget about working Wednesday morning.

To check out more EZ Action posters, visit them online at

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Monday, September 21, 2009

M.C. Overlord: Austin Music Staple to Play His Last Show

It is truly a new Austin now in comparison to when I moved here in 1995. There is even more traffic on I-35, ridiculous noise ordinances imposed on the Live Music Capital's best street, legendary venues gone the wayside and now one of Austin's music staples is playing his last show. Yes, Ten Time Austin Music Award Winner M.C. Overlord is playing his last show this Saturday. It is just another sign that the times, they are a changin'.

Originally from St. Louis, he moved to Austin in 1987. M.C. Overlord is known to his family and friends as Don Robinson. He once told me at a show sometime in the '90s when I was in high school that his name comes from a cartoon show called "Blackstar". Around that same time I remember buying his CD, House Funk, from him at that same show. The CD was not as good as his live show, particularly because he was one of the only local MCs at the time using a live band to back him instead of just a DJ. He wasn't going to be a superstar, this I knew even then. He was talented enough to give a good show and his magnetic stage personality was what made him exceptional. Everyone always had a good time at his shows.

M.C. Overlord

The single most impressive thing to me about M.C. Overlord was not his sack of Austin Music Awards (10 strong) but rather what he did for local hip hop in a time where Austin, whether it wants to admit it or not, didn't exactly embrace local hip hop. He somehow played venues where only the white crowds would go see shows, like Steamboat and  the club that used to be Bob Popular before it was Bob Popular. (If anyone knows the name, email me. I'm kicking myself for not remembering something I should know. I never went because I wasn't old enough, but lots of people used to talk about it back then.)

Recently, Overlord was part of "The Incomparable Boombox" who played every Tuesday at Lucky Lounge. I remember reading something about him leaving, but never followed up on it. I am just not interested in gossip like that. Even more recently, I saw flyers for him playing at The Dirty Dog Bar on 6th. Just the other day I heard him on 101X with Toby Ryan. Now I guess he's hanging it up. That's too bad, but it isn't like he didn't leave his mark on this town before "retiring". Austin and especially local hip hop artists owe him tons for the doors he helped open. For those who don't know or want a quick trip down Austin's memory lane, check out this video for M.C. Overlord's song "Remember". It is only fit.

Joining M.C. Overlord on Saturday will be St. Louis rapper, Nite Owl. According to Overlord's Myspace blog, fans who attend his last show will receive a free EP never before released material from the Austin M.C.There is no cover charge for the show. One2One Bar is located on 5th and Brazos St. Be sure and vote for it here on Do512.

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Sunday, September 20, 2009

One of Houston's Hottest Takes The Stage Sunday at Ace'sLounge : Z-Ro

Houston Hip Hop fans will have one of their favorite MCs take the stage tonight at Ace's Lounge. Making another Austin appearance will be Rap-A-Lot artist, Z-Ro. Having received lots airplay on local hip hop station, Hot. 93.3, Z-Ro is without a doubt a local favorite. It wasn't until last year that I saw the extent of his popularity.

Last year I was the Austin Music Hall for a Hot 93.3 show that featured Southern Rap Legend Bun B, headliner David Banner and Z-Ro. I saw people rapping along the words to all his songs, but I expected that because of the radio popularity I mentioned a moment ago. People weren't going any crazier for Z-Ro than they were for Bun B or the previous local performers. I took a couple of pictures and recorded some low quality video from my point and shoot camera just for fun. I posted them to YouTube shortly after the show. I did so for the David Banner videos and for the Bun B videos. Second only to some Cool Kids videos from Stubb's, my Z-Ro videos have the most views on my YouTube page.

Now I recorded some pretty big names last year with my point and shoot the same way, but Z-Ro was the one who took off? I was surprised by that. My videos weren't even good quality. That said something right there. He may be the underground scene's crown holder. For a while there on Myspace, I was seeing a lot of profile songs that were from Z-Ro. If nothing else, he was kicking ass on Myspace.

Since then I have been intrigued by this dude Z-Ro. I downloaded his recent album at the time, Crack. I combed my iTunes for any tracks with Z-Ro and a bunch of Houston artists came up that featured Z-Ro. These were all big names like Paul Wall, Bun B and Lil' Flip to name a few. He has a real distinguishable voice and flow. You can tell he's a big dude and definitely Texan with that heavy accent that even comes through when rapping. If he does write his own rhymes, and I admit I don't know, then he has some talent there for sure.

Earlier this year I went to hit up Piranha Records in Round Rock, a great local source for anything Houston Hip Hop or Southern Underground, and picked up some Mix Tapes (actually CDs) that featured Z-Ro. His stuff on those Mix Tapes were better than some of his radio hits, although too short in length to be songs most of the time. I prefer full length songs, but that's just me. If you are new to Z-Ro, then start with his album I'm Still Livin'. Surf the net a bit and you'll see there's an interesting story about that album. I'll post some links as always at the end of the post that can give you more info.

Again, I'm semi-new to Z-Ro and don't listen to too much new hip hop these days. I'm more of what you call a "back packer" but there's something about the rawness and grime of Houston stuff that just does it for me. Anyway, I just wanted to post a little something about my Z-Ro experience and let you know he'll be at Ace's Lounge tonight. Hopefully, he will perform for you all my favorite Z-Ro track, "Top Notch". Check out the video and give it a listen here:

Z-Ro Links:

Z-Ro on Myspace

Rap-A-Lot Records

Z-Ro on Wikipedia

Concert info for tonight:

Ace's Lounge is located on 222 E. 6th Street. You'll see it there on the corner of 6th and San Jacinto. If you see Brazos St or The Driskell Hotel, you've gone too far. The show is at 8:00 and is hosted by Smackola from The Dirty Wormz. See the flyer for details or visit Ace's Lounge online at

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Friday, September 18, 2009

Two Nights With Alejandro Escovedo at The Continental Club

 This weekend in Austin we are blessed with not one, but two back to back nights with Alejandro Escovedo at the legendary Continental Club on South Congress. Escovedo is a music icon and a real genuine dude. I only hope I'm half as cool as he is one day. I admit I didn't much care for his music until Boxing Mirror came out, but wasn't totally won over with his latest album came out, Real Animal.

The first time I got to see Alejandro live in concert was at the legendary Gruene Hall in Gruene (pronounced like "green") right outside New Braunfels in 2008. It was also my first time seeing a show at Gruene Hall. My dad and I went and had a blast. Afterward, Alejandro stayed and signed autographs, took pictures with fans, etc. I bought my vinyl copy of Real Animal that night and had him sign it. I snapped this photo with him for the scrap book.

 Just to briefly touch upon his music for those who don't know, it is very modern rock meets alt-country. It leans a little on the American side at times, but then kicks ass '60s rock style. He is an old school punk rocker, world traveled and made what is being called his "debut to the world" by sharing the stage with Bruce Springsteen. He often gets comparisons to The Boss more than any other known artist.  Although I don't agree with the comparison, I know The Boss's fans will no doubt love Escovedo.

He does draw, and forgive my honesty and age here, an older crowd most of the time. There's always a few of us 20 something, in the know music geeks in the crowd. I am hoping that changes over time and believe it will as more people hear Real Animal and attend his shows. You may even get to hear him cover "All The Young Dudes" or see him share the stage with some talented musician friends of his.

When I was surfing around for a good live clip to embed in this post, I came across some great live footage on Vimeo of Alejandro performing "Always A Friend" live at SXSW this past March. Turn it up and give it a listen, then thank me later. There's some helpful links for the show as well as my interview with Alejandro I did this spring for Austin Vida. It was one of the highlights of my career.

Untitled Alejandro Escovedo Documentary from James Leche on Vimeo.

Friday Night's  with Two Hoots and a Holler! Show info here.

Saturday Night's Show with Amy Cook. Show info here.

Alejandro Escovedo: Life After Real Animal

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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Thursday Night show pick: The Lemurs at Mohawk

Let the indie hipsterdom ensue at Mohawk tonight. Austin's own The Lemurs and Louisiana's Giver's will be gracing the stage. I admit, I know nothing about Givers other than what was on their Myspace page. Apparently it is a collaboration of several Louisiana improv musicians who look straight out of the pages of American Apparel or the Urban Outfitters catalog. Their music sounds interesting though and I'd be curious to hear it live. The female lead singer, Tif Lamson, sounds very soulful and out of place in a lo-fi indie pop band like this.

The Lemurs

What I can tell you is that The Lemurs are a Red River favorite here in the indie circles. Having been featured on M.E. TV here in Austin and just about all the ad rag grab and go papers I can think of, The Lemurs are not short on local exposure. It's for good reason, as their live show is worth seeing. I don't think their album sounds as good as their live show, but Million Little Bits is a good pick up for anyone. Let me suggest that you make the pretentious vinyl purchase which come with the mp3 downloads. There is still no better way to listen to music than on vinyl. Tonight, The Lemurs at Mohawk is the best show in town. Give a listen to this great clip of their song "My Definition" from their M.E. Live taping.

The Lemurs will perform on the inside stage after the outside show, Cracker and Clem Snide. The Mohawk is located on 912 Red River and the inside show with Givers and The Lemurs starts around 11:55.

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