Friday, September 19, 2008

The Material Came to My Mom's House

Oh yeah. Today one of my favorite new bands, The Material, came to my house to hand deliver a CD I ordered last week. True story. If you follow lead singer Colleen on Twitter, it is there on her list of "tweets". I am still in shock that they came to the door. I just hope I didn't disappoint them by not being some screaming, freaked out teenager. I am sure they didn't expect some 28 year old dude they already met once before. I even blogged about them in April. Check my blog archive.

They said they were staying nearby where my m
om lives after their van was giving them some sort of trouble. My mom's is where I send most of my mail as I move a lot. It is just easier to send everything her way and pick it up when I visit. It was funny because I just happened to be there at that moment Thursday evening when they rang the doorbell. Personally I would have just mailed it, but it just goes to show they are much cooler(and nicer) they are than me.

The Material are in Texas for the Texas leg of the Everlasting Sound Tour with bands Blameshift, Run Doris Run and And Then There Was You. I am honestly not familiar with the other bands, but will be come Monday. I will get my moneys worth alone with The Material either way.

That's right. Monday night at Stubb's (indoor) you can catch The Everlasting Sound Tour for about ten bucks. Yup, that's all. The Material always s
eem to come to Austin on odd days. The last time they were here was at The Red Eyed Fly on a random Tuesday night. That is where I took this picture below with lead singer, Colleen D'Agustino.

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