Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Driver F & Zlam Dunk at Stubb's Friday Night

Two hot young cdFuse artists, Driver F and Zlam Dunk, will be playing Friday at Stubb’s. They will be playing with Austin rock group, Spin Alley, as they release their new album entitled Victims. I have not yet checked out Spin Alley, so I look forward to seeing them for the first time. From what I hear on their myspace page, its sounds a little like 311 meets Faith No More.

I have seen co-headliners Driver F and Zlam Dunk many times this past year. Neither band ever disappoints me. Both bands are young and very high energy, but my comparison stops there. Both are worth checking out, and here’s why:

Driver F has the best album release of 2008 with Chase the White Whale. Don’t believe me? You can listen for yourself here on cdFuse or view their praise on the Driver F myspace page. All those critics and publications can’t be wrong. In addition to their great CD, their live show is the best it has been right now. They always had that “it” factor, but lately they sound more polished. It is a great blend of keys, horns, guitars, and energy. The horns don’t over power but compliment the vocals of Tyler Welsch and (W)Andy Lane. Even your mom will like Driver F.

Zlam Dunk is the hottest young band on the scene since Driver F. Having only been together since last spring, they too continue to improve their already exciting live show. Since they don’t fit a specific genre, I call Zlam Dunk’s music “dance punk”. It is certainly punk enough to mosh to, but hip enough to make you dance. There are lots of drums, keys, guitars, a tambourine and even the quintessential cowbell….because we all need more cowbell. Let me warn you though, their music and live show never slow down. You know when some bands play a couple of fast tracks and slow it down for a song or two? Not the Zlam Dunk guys. This band needs ritalin, but even that probably wouldn’t work.

If you don’t like mosh pits or crowd surfers, avoid the front and post up with me at the bar. I'll see you there!

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