Saturday, March 14, 2009

FREE Latin Alternative Showcase at Mexic-Arte Museum

Those of you who are looking for free shows during SXSW should definitely check out The Mexic-Arte's day party with Pilar Diaz, Leche, Cosmopolitan and my personal favorite of the bunch....Monte Negro. This is one of the better Latin music showcases this year and it is free.

I know, this is one of any things you could be doing on the 20th. Before you dismiss this show all together for something else, watch the vids I posted below.

Pilar Diaz

Pilar Diaz at Quiksilver's siteLA siteStage from Ravi Dhar on Vimeo.

Although I much preferred her with the now broken up Los Abandoned, her solo stuff will be very appealing to not just Latin music lovers, but to anyone in attendance. I think she'll win you over if you aren't a fan already.

MONTE NEGRO, Me Duele No Estar Junta A Ti from Edward Chen on Vimeo.

Monte Negro is one of the best bands in the Latin Alternative scene right now in my opinion. I have seen them live three times in Austin during the last year and they never disappoint. I only wish there were more people at those shows while they played to take notice. Seriously folks, time to pay attention. Their guitar player, Jason, is one of the best guitar players you'll find in any band of any genre. I have nothing but good things to say about these dudes. Check 'em out for free.

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