Saturday, April 11, 2009

Steamboat Reunion Show

Those of us who have been in Austin a while remember The Steamboat. It is now in the Austin history books between the Liberty Lunch chapter and The South Park Meadows chapter. The Steamboat triggers my memories of growing up in Austin in the 90s when I followed bands like Push Monkey and when I saw my first David Garza show. Vallejo and The Scabs were also Steamboat regulars.

Recently the old Steamboat manager, Danny Crooks, was handling Pangaea Live. After a short stint doing that, Crooks is putting together a benefit show with some of his old Steamboat friends as you can see from the flyer. The Alice Rose also features Crook's son as a member. For only $10 advance or $15 at the door, you contribute to a good cause and see a great show.

For those of you who are new to Austin or live elsewhere ( I feel for you if that's the case), here is a great article written by Andy Langer about the Steamboat's closing:

"The Boat: When Rock and Roll Was Dangerous"

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