Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Pinker Tones Not Coming to The Scoot Inn After All

The Pinker Tones are not coming to Austin, Texas ladies and gentleman. On June 6th, Professor Manso and Mister Furia were rumored to be at the Scoot Inn on 1308 E. 4th. The first time I saw them was during SXSW 2007. While this amazing DJ team hails from Barcelona, their music has a large universal appeal. Many of their popular hits are performed in English, such as "Sexy Robot" and "Happy Everywhere". Hipspanics everywhere (hipster+Hispanic) have been getting down with The Pinker Tones for a while now, and it is about time that you get down with them too. The opening act for for the Pinker Tones was supposed to be the talented DJ crew, The Peligrosa All Stars.

Check out these quick videos from The Pinker Tones and see what you think:

Working Bees from The Pinker Tones on Vimeo.

Happy Everywhere from The Pinker Tones on Vimeo.

Fugaz from The Pinker Tones on Vimeo.

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Ángel said...

I saw the Pinker Tones show posted on the Austin Showlist site, but their website doesn't have it listed and neither does the Scoot Inn's. Do you have any more info on why it isn't being publicized on other sites?

Ian Morales said...

I originally saw a posting on Do512 and The Scoot Inn's myspace page with this show on the calendar. After speaking with Nacional, it appears the show is not happening after all. I'm totally bummed.

Ángel said...

That is most definitely a bummer. Oh well, at least I've gotten a chance to see them before (in '07 at SXSW and later that year @ the Beauty Bar), so I guess I should be grateful for that.