Friday, July 31, 2009

Take A Look & Listen to Monterrey's XYX

From Austin Vida's Alysha Hernandez: "Austin Vida sat down with the duo outside of Sound on Sound Records to talk musical projects, chemical inspiration, and the Monterrey music scene. Anel – clad in a black dress, tights, and wrestler-esque boots – stared into the skyline. She seems quiet, but on stage she sings and screams like a banshee – her heart’s contents on display for all to see. Meanwhile, Mou wore dark-rimmed glasses; his hair was characteristically unkempt, with curly tufts shooting into the air."

Here is a YouTube video from their recent show at Emo's, a video different from the one we used for Austin Vida. This should give you an idea of why we were so fascinated with XYX. On Austin Vida, we use the Vimeo player for the better sound quality and HD capabilities.

Click here to read the full interview with XYX on Austin Vida featuring live video.

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