Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Charanga Tuesdays at Momo's in September

Tuesday nights in September just got better Austin. One of the best Latin acts I have ever seen on any level, Charanga Cakewalk, has five shows at Momo's in September. Headed by the talented Michael Ramos, Charanga Cakewalk is a brilliant Latin Fusion band like no other. They blend jazz, cumbia, Norteno accordion, salsa and whatever else you can throw into the equation into their music. I have had the privilege of seeing them live on many occasions, mainly with my dad as Charanga Cakewalk is his favorite local band. That's also the appeal of Charanga Cakewalk. They can transcend generations. The music I have from Charanga Cakewalk, including their Chicano Zen album, is something even my grandparents enjoy. I think it is because above all else, their music is very danceable. Others who are not Latino or do not speak Spanish will appreciate Charnaga Cakewalk for the creativity, originality and sweet Latin rhythms. KUT was smart enough to sponsor this series or September residency. Charanga Cakewalk has five shows on the following dates:

Sept. 1

Sept. 8

Sept. 15

Sept. 22

Sept. 29

All shows are at Momo's located on 618 W. 6th Street above Katz's Deli. If you eat at Katz's before or after the show, I suggest ordering the Yankee Potroast. It's excellent.

For those unfamiliar or interested in Charanga Cakewalk, check out this video for my father's favorite song, "La Negra Celina"

For more on Charanga Cakewalk, visit their Myspace:

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