Thursday, September 3, 2009

Cream Vintage grand opening featuring Glynn Wedgewood

Austin Vintage clothing staple, Cream Vintage, is partying to celebrate their grand opening this afternoon. I am not a "fashionista" by any means, but the music of the event is what drew me to the event. Austin psychedelic/garage rockers, The Tunnels, are scheduled to perform. That's a good pick for this store and a free First Thursday show.

photo by Briana Purser

Also on the music front is a DJ set by Glynn Wedgewood from the band Stereo Is A Lie. My friends Ajay and Sal turned me on to Stereo Is A Lie. I saw them play at Emo's recently for one of thoe 101X Homegrown Live shows. They are pretty cool to say the least. They grew on me. Even though they aren't performing, just spinning, I just wanted to show you a quick video of Stereo Is A Lie.

The event is sponsored by Lone Star and starts at 5pm. Cream Vintage (this location) is located at 1714A South Congress between The Woodland and Crafts. For more information, visit the following links:

Cream Vintage Website

Cream Vintage Myspace (Campus location)

Cream Vintage Myspace (South)

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