Thursday, October 22, 2009

Interview: The Rock and Soul of Angel Ferrer

Angel Ferrer (photo by Stockstill photography)

Earlier this year, Austin Vida featured an exclusive backstage interview with The Chris Perez Project at Pachanga Fest. Not surprising to the staff, we were flooded with emails about more videos, mp3s inquiries and other general questions about Chris Perez. What was a little surprising was the amount of interest given to the project's frontman, Austin’s own Angel Ferrer.

Having lived in Austin for so long now, I often forget Ferrer is a virtual unknown to many these days. No stranger to the Austin Music scene, Ferrer has been playing in Austin since the late '90s. Whether it was with his own band, the Austin Music Award-winning Ill Camino, or with local heavy hitters Vallejo, Ferrer has a reputation as one of the better rock-and-roll voices in Austin. His unique look, great singing voice and songwriting ability is what put Ferrer on the path to front Chris Perez's newest band. While that's still in development, Ferrer chooses to stay active musically.

Ferrer’s latest solo project, Angel Ferrer’s The Daylight Sessions, is not the modern rock he’s known for. The Daylight Sessions is an R&B/soul collective that is comprised of his brother Albert Ferrer and other local musician friends of Ferrer’s. Proving to be a jack of all trades, or in this case genres, Ferrer is soon to be a local headliner again. Get to know the rock, and soul, side of Angel Ferrer.

Click here to read the full interview with Ferrer and watch live video of his new band, Angel Ferrer's The Daylight Sessions.

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