Saturday, October 3, 2009

Saturday Night Show Pick: Official ACL Aftershow with Dan Auerbach

Dan Auerbach

Tonight at Antone's, one of my favorite artists is performing an Official ACL Aftershow. Dan Auerbach as you probably know already is the front man for the Akron, Ohio duo, The Black Keys. Auerbach recently put out his solo record earlier this year called Keep It Hid.  It immediately became one of my favorite albums not only of the year, but favorite albums period. It is the best indie-blues record I have heard and I listen to it when I want to relax late at night. It will be great to finally see him live. 

Backing up Auerbach is one of my favorite local bands who may not be local at all very much longer, Hacienda. A group of four Mexican-American musicians from Boerne, Texas, the guys from Hacienda have been backing him for a while now. Auerbach was a producer for their own record, Loud Is The Night. They recently joined with musician Patrick Hallahan to form "The Fast Five". So now, it's Dan Auerbach and The Fast Five. Whatever right? It's good music either way you spin it and it's still Dan Auerbach.

Make sure that if you were not sure which show to go to tonight, to head to Antone's. He won't be in Texas playing again anytime soon, as he hits the road until December 9th according to his Myspace page. For those of you who have yet to hear Auerbach or know who Hacienda are, check out the following video of Dan Auerbach and The Fast Five performing "Mean Monsoon" off Keep It Hid.

Also taking to the stage tonight will be Rodriguez and White Dress. Get there at 9:30 or as soon as you can come over from Zilker park. For more on tonight's show, visit the following links:

Front Gate Tickets


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Mariaah said...

I absolutely LOVE Auerbach and I'm so jealous of all the ACL kids that are getting all this live music put through their brains!

So glad to see you like him as much too!!