Sunday, November 15, 2009

Ian's Indie Girl Crush Series Volume Four: Alison Sudol

A Fine Frenzy

For my latest Indie Girl Crush, I decided to go with gorgeous and talented red head. Alison Sudol, lead singer of A Fine Frenzy, absolutely melted me last month when I saw A Fine Frenzy at The Parish here in Austin. Her voice reminded me of one of my teenage crushes I had as a teen, Tori Amos. It is as if Sudol is Tori Amos 2000. She even plays the piano ( a la Tori Amos) and has blue-ish green eyes that draw you in. If she didn't list Amos as her primary influence, I'd be shocked.   

That show at The Parish was the first show of her tour supporting her album latest album, Bomb in a Birdcage. It is her second release after a successful first release entitle One Cell In the Sea. I remember at the time that album was out, I got my first glimpse of Sudol on one of those VH1 promos they do called "Artists You Outta Know" or something to that regard. Her big single at that time was the tear jerker, "Almost Lover". I have yet to meet a girl who doesn't instantly love that song. The rest of the album didn't for me though, despite being impressed with Sudol's talent and beauty.

A Bomb In a Bird Cage, however, is excellent. I got to hear the songs for the first time live and at a perfect venue for A Fine Frenzy's sound. Some of the slower songs tended to sound a lot like each other, but none lacked depth or substance. The album is louder and shows off different sounds in comparison to One Cell In the Sea. Live in concert, Sudol shows off her personality. She is charming, at times funny and not afraid to embarrass herself. I'll go ahead and say it...she's actually a big dork posing as an Urban Outfitters model. She even looks good sweaty. Girls should absolutely hate her but instead they love her, as do I. Who could hate those puffy lips that would make Angelina jealous?

So Aison Sudol, the next time you come around to Austin, leave your boyfriend at home. Let's go to a bookstore, have some fancy ass coffee I can't pronounce and go shopping for records. Let's talk about all this angst and give you some new inspiration for your next album. You could call it "Goodbye My Almost Latin Lover". I'll even appear in the video, free of charge.

Check out Alison Sudol here with A Fine Frenzy live on this great video from The Artist Den:

A Fine Frenzy from Artists Den on Vimeo.

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