Monday, December 14, 2009

12/16 Wednesday Show Pick: Subrosa Union and Driver F

Wednesday night at Stubb's indoor is a great local show, sort of the best of the best if you will. Two great young Austin bands with two distinctly different styles, Subrosa Union and Driver F, will play together on on bill. When I saw this listed online it was another no brainer for me for my Wednesday night pick. It is also affordable too as advance tickets are only $8.

I've talked about Subrosa Union on my blog here before, but briefly they are a dub-reggae ska band somthing to the likes of Sublime. They are a three piece originally from El Paso but have called Austin home for a few years now. They play all over town, from Stubb's to bars like the Chuggin' Monkey. They are real road warriors also, having gone as far as the Middle East to perform for our troops overseas. Lead Singer Michael Anaya has a great voice, especially for this genre. For more on Subrosa Union, read their interview on Austin Vida here.

Driver F, Wednesday's other feature artist, is another good young Austin band. They fall more into the pop-punk category, but not in the sense where you'd see too many bad tattoos or uber tight jeans. Their music is catchy and very easy for fans to sing along with, but has a few more adult elements a lot of pop-punk bands don't have like horns and grown up lyrics. Just as I write that, I'm staring at the back of their latest album Chase The White Whale and looking at the ridiculous song titles that have nothing to do with the songs what-so-ever.

Driver F

That album by the way, could have easily been the best local release in 2008 on many people's lists if they weren't so weird about selections. You ever hear the expression "blogger band"? Driver F couldn't be one because they don't qualify for Paste Magazine or Under The Radar. It could be for several reasons, but mostly because they aren't ultra indie. I'm not knocking those publications or indie music, as I love them all, but mainly pointing out that the group and album deserved more local buzz than it got.

Currently Driver F is still working on their next album, which is one album I'm dying to get my hands on once it comes out. They either haven't decided on a title or aren't leaking it yet, but I'll keep you posted. I just hope they have normal song titles and stick pretty close to the formula that's worked over the years for them. If you go to Stubb's Wednesday, you will get a hear some new songs I'm sure. If you're new to Driver F, check out their video here for "Temple of Doom", an Indiana Jones reference no doubt that has nothing to do with the lyrics int he song, but enjoy anyway.

For advance tickets or more info on the bands, visit the following links:

Purchase advance tickets

Driver F on MySpace

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