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The Austin Times Interview with Austin Vida Editor in Chief: That's Me!

It is weird being on this side of the fence for once, the side where you are actually interviewed or are the interviewee. Here's Dulcenea Garica's interview from this week's edition, which is print only right now. The Austin Times is currently rebuilding their website. The interview is about Austin Vida and the upcoming Austin Vida showcase happening Saturday night at Beauty Bar. You should come. It will be fun.

The Austin Times interview with Austin Vida Editor in Chief
By Dulcenea Garcia
The Austin Times (

Look out Austin because Austin Vida is making its mark in the Latin music scene. The new Austin Vida online magazine was launched in January 2009 and has become the place to find the latest reviews and interviews in Latin music.

On Saturday, December 19th, Austin Vida will celebrate its one year anniversary by presenting its first showcase under new ownership of Ian Morales.

The Austin Times spoke with Morales about Austin’s new music online magazine and upcoming event.

The Austin Times: Who are the bands that will be featured in your showcase?

Ian Morales: This particular showcase has been months in the making. After meeting with Alba Peña of Conexion Rockera, both parties decided to put on this showcase. We gave Peña a list of bands we liked. Maneja Beto was at the top of the list. As a staff, we are all big Maneja Beto fans and feel like they offer a unique sound that is hip enough for young audiences, but traditional enough for our parents to enjoy. Este Vato is a young band that people can dance to, with sounds ranging from cumbia to hip hop.

El Tule is a large band, in members and stature, and has a great live sound. DJ Chorizo Funk is a local favorite. Once I heard some of his mixes, I immediately loved his style. He’ll definitely get the party going early.

TAT: What has Austin Vida accomplished since beginning in 2009?

IM: First and foremost, we’ve sustained. So many new blogs and online magazine sites go under within their first year. Not only have we sustained, but we grew. New visitors are finding us everyday from all parts of the world. The other accomplishment is the praise and approval of the different musicians and industry people that we’ve received.

TAT: What are your goals for Austin Vida this coming up year?

IM: To keep up the momentum we’ve built as a group. Of course we want to increase our readership here in Austin, but also outside of Austin so that the artists, businesses, and people we feature get a bigger spotlight. We also will be working towards presenting more showcases, especially for Latin Music month in May.

TAT: Who are some Austin Latino bands we should watch for in 2010?

IM: Este Vato and La Guerrilla, two bands we featured as up and coming in 2009 on Austin Vida, will be coming out will their full length albums next year. They are the new generation to carry the flag for Latin Music in Austin along with Kalua.

TAT: Do you believe there is huge fan base for Latin music in Austin?

IM: I believe the fan base is big, but honestly “huge” is still a stretch. I think more people, both Latino and non, need to be exposed to what the Latin Music scene in Austin has to offer. I also feel people need to expand on their idea of what Latin Music is. Some of the most talented Latino musicians in Austin and in Latin America don’t play Latin Music or even sing in Spanish. We feel that they need to be included in the conversation when it comes to the Austin Latin Music scene.

TAT: What is your greatest interview moment?

IM: That’s a toss up between two different interviews. For me personally, it was getting to sit down with Alejandro Escovedo last spring. He has quite the history, to say the least, and is iconic as far as I’m concerned. There was also getting to see Ajay Miranda, Austin Vida Managing Editor, do our first video interview on with Camilo Lara of Mexican Institute of Sound (MIS).

The Austin Vida showcase featuring Maneja Beto, El Tule, Este Vato, and DJ Chorizo Funk is on Saturday, December 19th at Beauty Bar. Tickets are $5 dollars and guarantee you a night full of dancing and fun.

Ian Morales, third from the left, of Austin Vida poses with Maneja Beto

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