Sunday, January 3, 2010

1/5/10 Tuesday Free Week Pick: Cruiserweight at Red 7

Cruiserweight photo by Wylie Maercklein

Tuesday will take me to Austin's best hardcore venue, Red 7, for a pretty good pop-punk show of all things. A genre that really blew up in the '90s and got mainstream in the early part of the previous decade, pop-punk had a real strong hold in Austin a few years ago it seemed. Bands like Dynamite Boy, Riddlin' Kids and Tuesday's headliner, Cruiserweight, were a big part of that movement. Around ten years later, when all those other bands they played with in those days are making their reunion show circuit, Cruiserweight have sustained.

It is really refreshing to me that they have sustained. In a day where most local blogger blow hards and snobby Austin music media fail to acknowledge the relevance or existence of pop-punk, Cruiserweight remains. When I see them live now a days, I see myself in their young teen and early twenty-something fans. I was around that age when I first saw them live. Those same young teens and early twenty-somethings make me feel really old when I catch their shows now, but there are always a few old fans my age hanging around to make me feel less cool. I'm also glad to see front woman, Stella Maxwell, still battles on the dance floor at the end of every set. She hasn't lost a step or her passion. If you've never seen them live, you're missing out. You'll see me there as I'll be the old guy who knows the words to most, if not all, of their songs.

I'll be talking about Cruiserweight more later I'm sure, so I'll save my rants, raves and odes to Cruiserweight for another day and an actual publiction. I know they have yet another new record in the works, so maybe they will perform some of those. I'm crossing my fingers that they are. What I will bet the house on is that they play the following classics I've posted below. If you have never seen or heard of Cruiserweight, then I strongly encourage you to watch and listen to both as well as check them out for free on Tuesday night.

"Cautionary Tale" off their album This Undoubtedly Come Out Wrong

"Yellow Lights" off their album This Undoubtedly Come Out Wrong

Playing before Cruiserweightwill be The Anchor and Buffalo's own Lemuria who are on tour. Oh and I almost forgot, O'Pioneers. They are one of my favorite post-rock or post-punk bands (depending on who you ask) that I saw for the first time in 2008 when they opened for Less Than Jake. Get to Red 7 at 9:00pm so you can find parking and absorb it all.

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