Friday, January 29, 2010

John Mayer is for lovers and I want to hate him...

Oh Em Gee...Vh1 brought back their Story Tellers series, a program I used to watch in the early part of last decade and the early '90s. I own the Sarah McLachlan one on DVD and watched The Smashing Pumpkins episode every time it aired back then. It was a great series where the artist really talked about their songs in an intimate setting, sometimes going "unplugged".

Now VH1 brought it back with some good artists and some I think they could have waited on. One artist that I like that may surprise you about me is John Mayer. I caught the episode today while eating a late breakfast. I never really liked Mayer's music at first, but he grew on me after a while. I did find it impressive that a lot of amazing black artists endorsed him and openly admitted to loving his music. First there was Jay-Z, the Quest Love from The Roots to name a couple. Then I started noticing him on the tabloids with hot celebs, and some not so hot, while waiting in line at the grocery store. Remember the picture with the green Borat swimsuit? Hilarious! How can you not be impressed by the guy?

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