Friday, January 22, 2010

New Sarah McLachlan video: "One Dream"

Oh-Em-Geee! I love-love-love Sarah McLachlan. She flipped my world upside down in the '90s. Her Surfacing album was the one non-hard rock CD in my five disc CD player I had at the time. Remember those? I mean there she was right there next to Rage Against The Machine, Wu-Tang Clan, Deftones and Metallica. I went to Lilith Fair twice at the old South Park Meadows before it was a shopping center. You could even go so far as to say I was (and still am to a degree) smitten.

That being said, you now understand my excitement when I got word of her new music video for "One Dream". Sure, it is a theme song for the winter Olympics, but it is still my dear Sarah McLachlan. The Olympics could have done a lot worse or something waaayyyy cheesy. Kudos to them for this one.

Finally, to my dear Sarah if you're reading this...I love you Sarah! Come to Austin and bring Lilith Fair back! I'll be there if you do.

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