Sunday, February 14, 2010

Fun With My Mini-Cam: White Denim at Antone's

So last night I was at Antone's because one of my favorite Austin bands, White Denim, was playing and it was cheap. Thanks to Do512 for hooking that that up for only five bucks. I think that and the fact White Denim rocks your face off brought in the packed house last night. When I got there people were lined up outside waiting to get in. I'm glad to see White Denim drawing that kind of crowd. The funny thing for me though, was that people were in line while the lead singer was starring at all of them as he was outside by the door having a smoke. Perhaps it is because people have only heard them and not seen them that no one seemed to notice. Maybe they just don't get amped like I do about that stuff. I tend to be a bit of fan boy sometimes.

For those of you not familiar with White Denim, you need to watch the video above and the ones I uploaded to my YouTube Channel. What makes this band for me is the soulful, old school rock and roll voice of the lead singer. When you combine that with high energy indie-garage rock, you have a winner. The guy may look like a dorky hipster of sorts, but he got soul I tell you. If you like what you hear, go to Waterloo Records and purchase the their album Fits which comes with a bonus disc. The bonus disc is White Denim's Explosion album. It's not as good as Fits, but you might as well get them both while supporting local talent.

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