Sunday, March 21, 2010

Mini-cam Fun: Chico Mann live at Momo's

I saw a lot of cool music this past week. I was out and about and managed to capture some of it on my mini-cam. Here you see Chico Mann live at Momo's on March 16th at the Bemba Soul Tribe showcase. I knew of Chico Mann previously as I had the album reviewed by our electronic dance music beat writer, Christina Garcia, for Austin Vida. I love his music, specifically his Analog Drift album.

In the video above, you hear the song "Ya Yo Se", meaning "I already know". I was curious about how his live show was. I was thinking maybe he was just going to do a DJ type set off a laptop and turntables. Much to my pleasant surprise, he brought a full band with Chico getting down on his keyboards. You also see this dude painting in the video. He started that painting at the beginning of the set and he totally finished it at by the end of the set. I wonder what he did with the canvas after the show.

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