Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Sexy Marvin, Vinyl Dharma & Rubik at Stubb's

This is it folks...our first Austin Vida showcase at Stubb's. That's a big deal for us as a Latino publication. We solicited the promotional efforts of my friends from and the production help of Vivo Alternativo. We are bringing indie lovers Latino bands from both sides of the border who sing their songs in English coincidentally. The quality of this show is second to none if I do say so myself.

Vinyl Dharma is one of the best local indie bands on the scene. These Mexican-American dudes from the Rio Grande Valley now reside in Austin. Their sound is very much like an '80s new wave band a la New Order. They have already been on MTV2 and conquered their home region. Now with a new album in the works, they are looking to get back into the swing of things and perform their new songs. I never get tired of "Sunshine Rave" though. Give it a look and listen here on this MTV2 video:

The big reason I'm excited about this show is we are getting and giving the rare opportunity to see Monterrey, Mexico's indie sensation, Sexy Marvin. If you like Coldplay, Muse or The Killers, you need to give Sexy Marvin a listen. They sing in English for those who do not "habla Español".This is part of a larger trend in Spain and Latin America; bands who sing in English despite being from Spanish speaking countries. Their influences are not soley classic rock en Español bands like Mana, Caifanes or Jaguares. They are just as inspired by Depeche Mode, New Order (see Vinyl Dharma above), Joy Division and Radiohead. The world is getting smaller and music is fusing styles worldwide. Sexy Marvin is not the exception but rather the norm. They never play in Austin so Wednesday night is the opportunity to check them out live. Here's their video for their single "Follow":

Doors are at 9:00pm. You can purchase advance tickets here:

Front Gate Tickets

I look forward to hanging out with you all and hope you like the bands. I'm working on doing this type of thing more often and merging both sides of the border.

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