Sunday, May 2, 2010

(5/4/10) Cuatro De Mayo at Momo's

Before this Tuesday's Cinco de Mayo partying begins, there's a pretty damn good show happening at Momo's on Tuesday you need to catch. Two of Austin's best young bands, La Guerrilla and Este Vato, will be performing for a special edition of their regular World Music Nights. Both bands released their debut CDs this year and are great party bands.
 La Guerrilla is a ska influenced, South American style band that includes percussion, violin, guitars and even a megaphone at times. They were someone I have been impressed with ever since I first saw them last year. Other bloggers who don't usually cover Latin Music are even taking notice.If you haven't seen them before, they take the stage at 10:00pm. Check them out here when I caught them at Mohawk last year.

The other band I wanted to spotlight for this Tuesday's upcoming performance is Este Vato, that's Spanish slang for "this dude" in case you were wondering. These are also still a very new band in terms of how long they have been on the Austin scene, but are getting better as time goes on. They are a cool Latino fusion band that incorporates rock, hip hop, cumbia and turn tables. I can't say enough about Este Vato. They brought a fresh, needed sound when they came on in late 2008 and I hope they keep it up for a while. Check them out here live from Red 7. If you dig what you hear, they go on at 11:30pm Tuesday night. Oh, they also play Wednesday night at Beauty Bar.

Everything gets started Tuesday at 8:00pm with singer songwriter Mauricio Callejas. There is a $5 cover, $3 with a student ID. 18+ are welcome. Momo's is a good spot, especially on a nice night when they have the back patio open. Momo's is located at 618 W. 6th street above Katz's Deli. You should definitely try and make it out.

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