Saturday, May 8, 2010

(5/8) Bright Light Social Hour, The Steps, Love At 20 at Emo's

I don't talk about too many local shows on my blog. I leave that to 'Nites and some of these other Austin music based blogs. Also, too many local acts fail capture my attention on nights when bigger touring acts I want to see come through. That is not to say I don't support local, because I absolutely do. I am always on the lookout for good Austin or regionally based bands. Our local scene is the heart and soul of Austin. I know this. I just hold those bands to the same expectations I would a touring band. Austin's Bright Light Social Hour is one of those bands that is on par with major touring acts or better in some cases. Now they need your help, besides going to tonight's show.

 Tonight the guys from Bright Light Social Hour are playing a big local show at Emo's before going into the studio to record their debut album. Recording an album can be expensive, as I'm sure you guessed. To help raise funds for what will be a fantastic debut album, they have put together on of the most hilarious and awesome fund raising campaign's. The campaign is titles "Jack's Mustache", named after their guitar player with the sweet porno 'stache. They even made a video about it. Warning, it is a little gay-tastic.

Bright Light Social Hour play with a couple of other locally known indie bands, Love At 20 and The Steps. Love At 20 will probably be a local buzz band because I know a couple of bloggers who like them. I downloaded their free album but haven't got a chance to listen to it or check them out live yet, but I will as it is on my to do list. The Steps are a good '60s style indie band that sound a lot like Jet, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. They're good live and there's an audience for it and their last record was good.

The real reason to make it out to Emo's tonight is for Bright Light Social Hour. If you haven't heard their music or seen them live, I'd say they sound like CREAM (the '70s rock band in your dad's collection) and any band you'd see in Alternative Press magazine. They throw in some bluesy sounds and indie-elctro to fuse together a sound that is their own. Live is when they are at their best. Go see them if you're looking for a new band or something to do tonight. Iron Man 2 will still be playing tomorrow and the next day, etc. It's only $10 bucks and you get your face rocked off. Doors are at 9:00pm. For more details, visit the show link on Do512 HERE

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