Friday, June 25, 2010

Cool Joy Division cover by Hank & Cupcakes: "She's Lost Control"

 I saw this online the other day and realized that it just came out recently and not too many people have seen it. So, I thought I'd share it with you all. It is by Hank & Cupcakes, a Brooklyn (surprise) based indie-pop duo. Named after themselves it seems, although I'm thinking Cupcakes is a nickname, the duo covered one of my favorite Joy Division songs, "She's Lost Control". While I like their cover, I will always prefer the original. Two things caught my attention in this video. Cupcakes is a super cute indie chick that reads Bukowski in bed (hot!) and she appears to be wearing fur. I don't care how cold it is, I'm not down with wearing fur. Check out the video directed by Casey Randerson here:

Something else cool about the duo is that Cupcakes is the drummer and vocalist. She sings and drums while standing up as I saw in a couple of their other YouTube videos.Check it out in their first official video released back in April for their single "Pleasure Town".

I'm hoping they make it down to Austin some time soon. My guess is probably for next year's Southby, when all of New York and Los Angeles come down. I'd check them out.

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Hank & Cupcakes said...

Hey Ian!
1.Yuck! no, not fur at all. Synthetic thank you.
2. Bukuwoski....Hank (Chinaski) & Cupcakes(Pamela 'Cupcakes' Wood)
Get it?

Ian Morales said...

Yes, I read "Scarlet" and am glad to hear it's not real fur. I caught it a day or so after I posted. Kicking myself on that one. Thank you for the clarification.