Wednesday, June 23, 2010

New music video from The Henry Clay People: "Your Famous Friends"

The Henry Clay People debuted their new music video for their single "Your Famous Friends" today on freakin' Spinner. In true Spinner fashion, they got the song title wrong by calling it "All Your Famous Friends". I double checked it on their MySpace page and on the album. Way to go Spinner! Once again Spinner, you prove that you have no editing process. Someone even let them know the correct title in the comments section and then minutes later they fixed it. You have to get the song titles right people. That's the basic info.What more can I say? Every good writer is only as good as his or her editor. I don't know why I rant about this though. Spinner is part of a soul less corporate beast that is built for numbers, not quality. Any way, please don't hold it against The Henry Clay People. Check out the video here:

For those of you in Austin, don't forget to check out The Henry Clay People with The Silversun Pickups at Stubb's on July 19th. They are also on the bill for this year's ACL Fest in October.

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