Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Pretty Reckless at Warped Tour in San Antonio

The more people I tell about me going to Warped Tour again, the more I get asked who I am going to see that I haven't seen before or I get asked who is worth seeing. While I am not going to leak who I'm interviewing or writing about specifically, I can say I am deathly curious about Gossip Girl actress, Taylor Momsen, and her new band. They are called The Pretty Reckless and don't fit the typical Alt Press-Warped Tour stereotype. I can see why her label wanted them to do Warped being that the majority of the attendees are younger and probably watch Gossip Girl. Their EP is also sold in Hot Topic, another big plus for playing Warped. Still, putting aside the whole actress gone rocker tie, I am objective when listening to all music regardless of who makes it. I can say that honestly expected WAAAYYY worse. In fact, it is not that bad. It will be interesting to see the over all response and what the blogosphere says post Warped. Check them out for yourself in this video for their single "Make Me Wanna Die":

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