Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Chicken, Waffles and Soul at The ND this Friday

I know you have been hearing about these Knuckle Rumbler parties and events around town. They've made quite the name for themselves as event producers and promoters. I'm not into the everything they put on because they get too hipster for me at times. When they get it right they get it right though, they get it right.

This Friday their event involves chicken and waffles with some soul? Are you kidding me? Delicious and fun. I have always said more live music concerts and events need to have food available, food other than pizza or cheap tacos that is. I mean I'm always music first, but I gotta eat when I'm hungry. Oh and the band, Soul Track Mind, looks like they'd be fun to check out live. Blue eyed soul is nothing new, but it makes for a good time. Check these dudes here on this video from TC's Lounge over on the Eastside. 

Advance tickets for this event are available. VIP gets you a meal, a drink ticket and a copy of the Soul Track Mind CD. Purchase tickets here. If you want to try and win tickets, Red River Noise is giving them away on their Facebook here.

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1 comment:

Manny Morales said...

These guys are OK but they lack depth or a better word might be "soul." They're very one dimensional and could be exceptional if they found that lacking element. Maybe they "Smash" live? No hate "just the facts, ma'am."