Monday, September 6, 2010

Preview: The Rumbe at Beerland 9/8

Here's a cool free event for you out there looking to live it up on Red River on the cheap. The Rumble at Beeerland is always a great showcase to check out obscure, unsigned and maybe even cool new bands. Even if the bands are terrible, you didn't waste money so there's no need to complain. The Rumble is also one of the few times I go to Beerland.

This show also caught my attention because it is one of the rare chances to see Sleep ∞ Over. Their music is this sort of haunting, obscure indie with hints dark electronic elements to it. I'd be curious to see how that translates live. I can only usually listen to that stuff at my desk late at night. The other bands on the bill are Austin based Pure Ecstacy and Soft Healer. Here's a look and listen to Soft Healer.

Doors are at 9:00 pm, first band starts around 10:00 pm. The Rumble at Beerland is brought to you by the Austin Rumble family of Future Sounds, The Onion AV Club, Waterloo Records, Covert Curiosity, The Austinist, Austin Town Hall and Beerland.

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