Monday, October 18, 2010

(10/19) 'Mi Gente' at The Parish with DJ Orion, a salsa happy hour

Many outside of Austin don't see Austin as a "salsa town." That is true in terms of salsa bands maybe, but not when it comes to salsa music lovers and the amount of salsa dancers we have here. That is why my crew and I at Austin Vida, together with DJ Orion and The Parish, have put together a salsa happy hour tomorrow night. DJ Orion is one of the few DJs I know with a good salsa collection and the good taste not to play any newer, poppier salsa. Him and I see eye to eye when it comes to our love of old school Fania Records classics and obscure salseros from records our parents have tucked away that no one has ever really heard of. We did this once already with mild success and his set was fantastic.

The other details include $3.50 drink specials for my favorite alcoholic drink, the mojito. It is an early evening event so working folks, such as myself, aren't dragging Wednesday morning at work. The Parish is a beautiful room with an epic sound system right smack in the middle of 6th street. My favorite part is the no frills, everyone 21+ is welcome vibe. Salsa can get a little too uppity in this town for my likings sometimes, but not at our Mi Gente events. Come as you are, be yourself and listen to some of the best in classic salsa. It's just a cool hangout with a good setting and good people. I hope to see you there.

I almost forgot...

We are celebrating the release of the new El Rey, Tito Puente CD, from Fania Records. DJ orion will be spinning some of the tracks from the two disc anthology. Here's a small sample:

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