Tuesday, March 15, 2011

SXSW Preview: The Good Natured

Pictured above is Sarah McIntosh from The Good Natured. I know what you are thinking....looks uber hipster. True. However, I can forgive looks if the music is good. And to my surprise it is.

The other surprise was that this U.K. based indie star in the making is not old enough to legally buy beer here in the U.S. I got wind of the band as I was looking through the countless number of bands coming to South by Southwest. If The Good Natured don't make it big after SXSW, I'd be shocked.

Watch the video for their single "Be My Animal" below and check out their SXSW schedule.

The Good Natured at SXSW:

Mar. 16   Barbarella       Big Stereo                              2:45pm
Mar. 17   Annie's West                                                     2:00pm
Mar. 17   Mike Galaxy Day Part at Guero' s             9:00pm
Mar. 18   PRS/BMI  Brunch  British Embassy         12:15pm
Mar. 18   Klub Crucial  CQ Presents                            5:00pm
Mar. 18   Windish Agency party ND Studios           8:00pm

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