Sunday, April 17, 2011

My favorite SXSW 2011 discovery: Adebisi Shank

A lot of people have either asked me in person or emailed me about what I saw at South by Southwest this past March. I never got around to answering those emails because I just get really busy sometimes. My apologies to those who emailed, but I'll answer the question in this post for everyone.

Given that I have been to every South by Southwest every year (16 years now) since I've lived in Austin/Round Rock, and I'm "in the biz" so to to speak, very little impresses me anymore when it comes to music. Sure I like new bands in various genres here and there, but very few make me go absolutely "ape shit" anymore. Last year at South by I went crazy for an Irish band called The Minutes. This year the Irish impress me once again with a couple of bands, but Adebisi Shank blew me away.

Watch a live clip from Adebisi Shank's performance at the Sergeant House Showcase at Emo's Annex below:

[live tv] #026 Pt.1-2 - Adebisi Shank - Masa from RaRaRa on Vimeo.

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patrick said...

They seem to be quiet theatrical. I guess thats for the audience to get into their music, which otherwise may not happen it seems. I've always been perplexed why some bands do so... I appreciate the full spectrum that music allows us to accommodate, but to me, when I witness a musical group with this kind of stage presence, I tend to wonder whats the intent. Its kind of like when you see a beautiful girl with great taste, and then you realize she has no ability to match her taste with her personality. Not to mention that its a big let down, but at the same time, you wish you could help then achieve their goals in pursuing the freedom they are trying to personify...

Ian Morales said...

Obviously their intent was to rock my face off. Love the comment dude!