Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Get to know Making Movies

Making Movies from Kansas City, Kansas are one of those bands that are really difficult to place or describe to people who don't normally listen to Latin music or Latin Alternative music. First they are bilingual, so there is a problem selling them sometimes. They might not be "Latino" enough for Latinos but still too "ethnic" for mainstream fans to understand or enjoy. I thought this sort of logic or mentality was a thing of the past, but as chief of two websites for both audiences, I see that this is still the case.

The story of Making Movies is an interesting one. You can learn more about them from an interview we did on Austin Vida here. I've had them on the last three Austin Vida/Bemba showcases and they are just impressive live. They fuse together indie rock, alternative and of course traditional Latin rhythms to create a unique sound that is their own. I hope they continue to tour, write music and eventually catch a big break. It's been a pleasure getting to know these guys and I will be bringing them back to Austin later on. I only hope more people will take notice.

Watch their music video for their single "Twenty Years" below:

MAKING MOVIES - "Twenty Years" from MAMMOTH on Vimeo.

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