Monday, June 6, 2011

(6/30) Rage Against The Machine tribute at Red 7

All my friends know that Rage Against The Machine (RATM) is my all-time favorite band. They have been since I was a teenager.They were group responsible for me taking a real interest in politics. RATM was also the first band to blend hip hop and metal together and get it right. I could go on a fan boy love fest all day, but you get the point. RATM rule.

While they do perform one offs here and there for causes like immigration and whatever else pisses off Zach de La Rocha, the band is no longer the full time entity they once were. So now the tribute era begins...

My friends at Bemba Entertainment have put together "People Of The Sun" at Red 7 on June 30. The line-up consists of some my friends and favorite local/regional bands: Este Vato, Bombasta, Baby Got Bacteria and Higher Than Why. Sure none of them are the original, but it is all about having fun and coming together with other RATM fans. Like the original band, the People Of The Sun tribute will benefit Workers Defense Project and Soul Session ATX.

Check out the video for which the event was named after below:

Red 7 is located at 611 East 7th Street. All ages are welcome. Doors are at 9:00pm. Admission is $10. Visit the event on Facebook here and on Do512 here.

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