Sunday, April 27, 2008

The Dynamite Boy Reunion show

I figured since I went to a show at Emo's tonight, I'd waste no time at all as I promised frequent posts to whoever decides to read this blog I created. I saw the flyer for this show on a myspace bulletin from Cruiserweight, a band that has been around since I was 19. As much as I enjoy Cruiserweight, I wasn't there for them really. I went for Dynamite Boy.

This show was a reunion show as Dynamite Boy broke up a couple of years back, not sure when or why exactly. They are another band that is from Austin that has been around since I was either in high school or shortly there after. I had heard them on 101x before, maybe on their Homegrown Live segment. I liked whatever song or songs I heard from them but never caught a show. I admit that I took them for granted. Every time I saw them listed in the Austin Chronicle playing somewhere, I never got around to going. I figured I would just catch them the next time they played in town. Little did I know that there wasn't going to be another next time a few years back. I didn't really sweat it too much, but knew I should have gone.

Once I saw the flyer for this show, I immediately put this on my calendar and planned to attend. I called up a few friends whom I thought may dig the show, but none could go. I wasn't going to miss a good show I wanted to see so I went by myself. I do that most of the time as I never let anything stop me from being a good show I want to see. I live in Austin after all and may not be here forever, so I have to seize each moment I can.

I got to the show later than when doors opened and just missed Say Hello to the Angels. I had no idea I was in for a punk rock treat with the next band called "Born To Lose". Now I really wasn't expecting a punk band on the bill tonight, but it was a good surprise as I love punk. Born To Lose is a five piece band that reminds me when Warped Tour was good in the 1990s. I immediately looked them up on myspace and sent a friend request so that I could keep up with them. Their songs were catchy, intense, and fun. Plus, they had the traditional punk chant "Oi Oi Oi" which warms my heart.

After Born To Lose was Cruiserweight. Somehow I have managed to see them three times this year. They were on the bill now for two bands I went out to see and of course were at Emo's infamous "Free Week" in January. They always put on a good show thanks to catchy power pop tunes you can sing along too and a great front woman named Stella. Not only does she have a cool voice, she is hilarious and entertaining. With her signature hand wave, bouncy dance moves, and funny faces she makes, the crowd always loves her. Boys want her for a girlfriend and girls wish they could be more like her. Her curly hair is fabulous. I wish they would "make it" already as I saw them working at Double Dave's Pizza the other day by the community college campus my sister goes to. I recommend checking them out with your girlfriend.

When Cruiserweight was done, Dynamite Boy finally got started. They quickly reminded me that my decision to venture out to the show by myself was a good one. They had incredible energy and the crowd was into them right away. I am not claiming to know the names of the songs, but a couple were familiar. All I remember from them was "Satellite". This concert is going to send me to Waterloo Records looking for their old stuff on CD, maybe used hopefully. Whether or not they play more shows, I don't know. Hopefully they do, but I saw on myspace that some of their members had side projects or something. Either way, I got what I always wanted. That was to finally see Dynamite Boy live and the bonus was seeing them at Emo's, one of my favorite venues. If you like good pop rock alternative music with a little 90s feel to it, do check out Dynamite Boy. They are still better than half the skinny jean wearing bands kids listen to these days. Why do guys wear girl jeans now? I will never get it I guess. Maybe they could at least wear a Dynamite Boy t-shirt with their sister's jeans.


Hunter said...

thats awesome that you went to this show. i have not seen dynamite boy in a long time, but i remember them opening up for bands like goldfinger and less than jake in houston. did you ever listen to the impossibles?

Ian Morales said...

Yeah dude. I saw The Impossibles in high school. One of the band members, Rory, has an awesome new band now. I'll blog about them later.