Friday, June 20, 2008

Grenadier...Austin's Newest "Band to Watch For"

Wednesday night I headed out to Antone's, an Austin staple and must see in terms of venues, for a music contest sponsored by The Recording Conservatory of Austin. The winner was to receive 100 hours of studio time at Stinson Studios. It was certainly a good prize and I can see why an unsigned band would be all over this competition. Apparently there was some online voting involved. I heard about it through myspace. Yes, at times I do read bulletins.

The band I was really there to see was a new band on the scene by the name of “Grenadier”. Although it may be a new band, new being less than ten shows under their belt, the faces are familiar. Grenadier is fronted by Dynamite Boy alumni Adrian Munoz. Other members are from recently broken up Near Miss and Engraved. Now many of you know I love Dynamite Boy. See my blog archives for the reunion show I caught at Emo's in May.

Anyway, so the Dynamite Boy connection was what interested me in hearing Grenadier. They were on the bill at the Dynamite Boy reunion show, but were an early band so I of course was out drinking elsewhere at that time. After all, this is Austin and no one here just goes out to just one spot when they go downtown. Looking back, I should have been there for the whole show. Once I heard of this show, I made it a point to catch Grenadier no matter what.

Adrian Munoz is the lead singer for Grenadier. I didn't know he could sing really. I know he did some screams and back ground harmonies for Dynamite Boy, but didn't expect him to sound "lead singer" material. He's actually pretty good. He's not all that's good about Grenadier though. The band itself has good, seasoned musicians that have put together something really cool and energetic. I'd describe their sound as alternative with hints of punk and emo, but emo in reference only to some of Munoz's screams. Nothing else. Please don't let that component turn you off. I just call it like I hear it.

The first song I heard that night was "Remedies and Enemies". It is the first song you are going to hear on their myspace page. It is probably going to be their single, as well it should be. I think it was their best song. The rest of their set was good, not great or fantastic, but good. I can see this whole Grenadier thing happening for them should they stick with it. I think they will. They had no "merch" as of yet and no recordings or CDs. The fact that they were voted in for this showcase or competition speaks volumes given where they are at as a band. No they didn't win and I didn't stick around to find out who did. I came for a Grenadier show and I got a good one.

Kudos to the new drummer, Jeremy, for playing his first show. Other notable tracks were "Manikins" and "Elitist". If you want to check out Grenadier, they will be on the bill with Andrew W.K. and Tom Gabel(of Against Me!) at Emo's on July 4th. It's going to be an awesome show. Trust me on that.

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Ana said...

I was at this show also, but to see Squint. I missed Grenadier. I'll have to check them out sometime. Love Dynamite Boy!

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