Sunday, June 22, 2008

Built By Snow at Guero's

Can you believe I got up early on a Saturday and didn't play golf? I know, sounds crazy right? Well I had a good reason as The Summerfest kick off at Guero's was happening. The first band started at noon, but I got there a little after one o’ clock in time to see a local indie rock favorite of mine, Built By Snow.

The whole event was hosted by local KUT personality Laurie Gallardo and put on by The Loyalty Firm. I thought it was cool that show such as this with a long line up was going to be at Guero’s. It had been a while since I hung out at Guero’s for show. I like shows there as it is outside and small. Plus, they have a separate outside bar right there so you don’t have to go inside for a drink.

Right after I parked, I could hear Built By Snow playing as I walked down Congress on my way to Guero’s. I recognize their video game like synthesized sounds anywhere. This was my first time seeing them live despite having their music in my ipod for some time now. Even though it was more humid and hot today than any other show I’ve been to this year, they still rocked. “Juliana” was the song playing when I arrived.

During their set I was looking up at the sky and kept thinking to myself this was going to get rained out. Once my attention was back on stage, JP (guitar and lead vocals) had his keyboard player play a ditty from an old Nintendo Game. He asked the crowd if anyone recognized it, even gave them hints that it was from an old Nintendo (NES) game. I knew it right away, but didn’t want to reveal how big of a nerd I was. Some people made good guesses such as Contra, but no one seemed to know. I didn’t want them to feel bad so I shouted out the answer for them, which was “Double Dragon”. They all looked surprised that someone there actually knew. They said to “give that guy something”, but I got nothing. Wait, that’s not entirely true. I got a good show. I mean they played “Invaders”, which is one of their better tracks. I only wish I could have caught their whole set.

Built By Snow, in addition to having cool music, have some of the coolest videos of any local band I’ve seen. As far as their sound, I describe it to friends by saying it is as if The Cars and Weezer spawned a band. Built By Snow is that band. I have also described it as “video game rock”. If you plan to be in Austin on July 12th or 14th, you can catch them at Emo’s. They are one of the better indie rock acts to come out of Austin. Finally, I will leave you with this video of theirs that seems to be somewhat of a You Tube phenomenon. It’s for an awesome song called “All The Weird Kids Know”.

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Ana said...

I love Built by Snow!