Monday, February 23, 2009

Free show with Girl in a Coma, Pinata Protest & Este Vato

This week the best show in town is clearly this one here. It's at one of my favorite venues and it is FREE! You need to make sure you RSVP and come early. The real treat is going to be Pinata Protest, as they haven't played too many shows in Austin. That will change this year, but it all starts for them Wednesday. My friends Este Vato are new to the scene, but will definietly keep your attention. My friends and I caught them at Trophy's recently and liked what we heard. I don't have to tell you about headliner Girl in a Coma. I will say that if you haven't seen them before, then this is your best opportunity to check them out. They're amazing. By the way.... it's free. Did I mention it's free?

Click here to RSVP

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