Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Steps album reviewed on cdFuse

The Steps are one of the most polished indie rock bands to come out of Austin in a long time. I first caught wind of them when they won last year’s ACL Sound and the Jury Competition. The prize was a slot to play ACL Fest. Of all the bands at Antone’s that night, they were the best fit for ACL in terms of being ready for the big stage. I admit I wasn’t happy that they won. I was there to support 60 Tigres, a great rock band from Monterrey, Mexico. I felt ACL needed more Latin representation last year (still think that). Ever since that night, I haven’t seen The Steps or heard their music until it came across my desk recently. Since they are from Austin and did put on a great live show, I decided to give it an honest listen with an objective ear.

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