Friday, July 24, 2009

The Band of Warped Tour Generations:Less Than Jake

I have been a fan of Less Than Jake ever since I saw them at the first Warped Tour I ever attended as a teen....way back when. I caught them last year at their in store at Encore and at La Zona Rosa. This year I had to drive down the road to San Antonio, my second home, to see them on Warped Tour. It is good to see so many kids (teens and tweens) still geeking out over Less Than Jake. They always put on a great live show and their whole vibe is about having fun. Speaking of fun, you see me pictured with Buddy and JR above? They insisted I make a mean face in the picture while they flexed their "He-man" muscles. Of all the interviews I conducted this year, Less Than Jake was the most hilarious. Buddy had just woke up and was super caffeinated during the interview. I got more Less Than Jake stuff coming soon right here in my blog. It will be in reference to a video to took with my digital camera last year that I got lots of questions and comments on. For now, do check out the Double Stereo interview.
Click here to read the full interview with Less Than Jake on Double Stereo.

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