Sunday, July 12, 2009

Me and Buddy Nielsen from Senses Fail

Here is a picture of me with Buddy Nielsen, lead singer of Senses Fail. This was taken at the San Antonio Warped Tour stop on July 2nd. I like Senses Fail, but I didn't do the interview for Double Stereo. My good friend and writer extraordinaire, Ajay Miranda, made his first Double Stereo contribution with his interview with Buddy. I commissioned Ajay to help with Warped Tour being that we had so many opportunities for interviews. Plus it was his first time going to Warped Tour, so I was happy to share that with him. I wish I was press at my first Warped Tour. Anyway, we got more Warped Stuff coming your way on Double Stereo. I'll be introducing you to some great new, young bands as well as publish my conversation with a Warped Tour legend.

Check out this video for "Family Tradition" off Senses Fail's latest album, Life is Not a Waiting Room:

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