Sunday, July 5, 2009

Warepd Tour 2009 Teaser Pics

Yes, I went to the first official Warped Tour BBQ of 2009. I had always wanted to go to the BBQs. You hear all sorts of stories from the bands who have been over the years. It was very chill and still hot despite being night time. The food was excellent and I eneded up drinking something called "The Force". I didn't ask what was in it, but it was tasty. It was also cool because I didn't have to stop on the way home to Austin to get something from a drive through. Thanks for grillin' it up Kevin!
Me with Meg & Dia in the press area. I didn't interview them unfortunately. There was just no time to get everyone I would have liked. Plus, I already overloaded myself with other fantastic interviews which I will be publishing soon. Still, I couldn't resist the opportunity for a photo. I talked to them while they were waiting around that same press area. It didn't seem like they were handling the heat well, but they were very personable. The other dude in the photo is Nick Price, their drummer.
TAT's lead singer, Tatiana DeMaria here with a fan she pulled up on stage to sing along with her. The poor kid didn't know he was coming up on stage. I give him credit though. He handled it well and gladly sang the chorus. Now he can say he sang with TAT on stage at Warped Tour. What a cool memory to have for this kid.
Here is the Bad Religion merch booth where I wanted to blow all my cash that day. They had the best t-shirts of all the bands, hands down. Some of the others were just too over the top and overly colorful for the sake of standing out. Not my style.

The vans Warped Tour trailer. I just took this photo so people could get the phone number to text. I haven't tried it personally. Anyone see what it does when you text it? Probably promo stuff I'd assume. Who knows?

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Hunter said...

This looks like it will result in some good interviews and even better stories. Rock on!

Austin Home Search said...

Austin is such a great place to live because of all the life music every night, as well as all the big bands that come to our small city. While, I hope that it stays a secret, I hope more people decide to share in the fun and great atmosphere of Austin. Here's to more bands coming!