Friday, September 25, 2009

Friday Night Concert Pick: Nortec Collective featuring Bostich & Fussible

 Tonight at Hogg Memorial on the U.T. campus is where it is at tonight. It wasn't easy making my concert selection as there are several great shows tonight. Del Castillo at Antone's is going to be great as always. You could experience some Red River history at The Red Eyed Fly and see the Riddlin' Kids and Rubberhead. I used to like seeing the Riddlin' Kids in my early twenties, but the rare opportunity to see Nortec Collective takes precedence over all. It is not everyday you hear music like Nortec's, much less get the opportunity to see them live here in Austin.
Nortec Collective featuring Bostich and Fussible

Nortec Collective is a group of four DJs from Tijuana, Mexico. At Hogg Memorial tonight you'll get to see Bostich and Fussible. No stranger to Austin, this same duo was the headlining act at the first annual Pachanga Fest. Signed to Nacional Records, arguably the best Latin Music label in the world, Nortec has received nothing but praise and critical acclaim. Their fusion of electronica and Mexican Norteno music is truly original. They coined the sound. Their Tijuana Sessions albums are some of my favorite in my personal collection.

What is great about Nortec is not just their original sound, but their live show. They perform to a back drop filled with an array of multi-colored lights and images while their band backs up their DJing. Pictured in the show flyer, you'll see them holding this white board with squares. It is actually called a tenori and they use it in their music. It's pretty cool actually, and rather than describe it I figured I'd post a video clip for you to check it out. Go to the show and you'll see it live in person. If I had a tenori, I'd never leave the house.

BOSTICH PLAYS TENORI-ON NORTEC from ramon amezcua on Vimeo.

For more on Nortec Collective or ticket info, visit the following links:

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