Thursday, September 24, 2009

Thursday Night Show Pick: Girl in a Coma with Killola at Emo's

Tonight at Emo's, everything is happening. While Ra Ra Riot may be what's going on outside, the real show happens on the inside stage and for a lot cheaper. Returning to Austin are two fantastic touring acts, Girl in a Coma (San Antonio) and Killola (Los Angeles). The local opener is a cool band called Your Kisses Cause Crashes.

Girl in a Coma

Now anyone who knows me personally, or reads Ian's Music Blog regularly, knows I am a fan of Girl in a Coma. Yesterday I published a conversation with Phanie Diaz, drummer for Girl in a Coma, online at Austin Vida. We briefly chatted about what GIC does when in Austin and why they love it so much. There is also some great live video from their June show at Emo's you can check out. Thanks go to my Austin Vida crew, Angela and Ajay, for setting that up. Visit the Austin Vida Blog or check the post about it below. Girl in a Coma's great and there isn't much more I can say at this point. They are set to go on stage around midnight.


The other reason I'm stoked about the show tomorrow is the chance to check out Killola again. I saw them in 2008 on a random weeknight at Red 7 with The Action Design. That night I was there to see The Action Design and zero previous knowledge of Killola. Fronted by the talented and beautiful Lisa Rieffel, Killola is a high energy garage band with hints of new wave and punk. To date, their live show is still one of the best I've seen from an unsigned band. Watching Lisa Rieffel perform is like watching the bastard love child of Deborah Harry and Belinda Carlise.

Their live show isn't the only thing that impresses me about Killola. They are a DIY marketing machine like no other. They embrace of the digital era we are in has certainly paid off. They have a website, Myspace, a blog, a podcast, YouTube Channel, and free downloads. In fact, they offer their entire I Am The Messer Album free to fans. That's how I got it. According to their website bio, they had 30,000 downloads within the first three months. That number is way higher now as months have passed since its release. What a great way to build your fan base, and a loyal Killola tattooed fan base at that. Ever see this symbol K)) ? Killola understands what record companies don't and they will succeed as a result. I'm definitely on team Killola.

While we are on the subject of Killola, they just released their new video a couple of days ago on YouTube. The video is for their song "Cracks in the Armor" off their upcoming new record. It is like a Muppet Sponge Bob mixed with rock and roll. It's kind of weird, but it's a great track. Check Lisa out and tell me you don't see a young Deborah Harry.

For more information on tonight's show with Girl in a Coma and Killola, click here.

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