Thursday, September 10, 2009

Friday Night Show Pick: This Will Destroy You, Quiet Company & The Soldier Thread

Tonight my show pick is technically outside of the Austin City Limits, but close enough to make the trip for a good show. My Friday night pick is in San Marcos, just south of Austin on IH-35. Home to the Texaas State University Bobcats, Aquarena Springs and The Tanger Outlets, San Marcos is quite the college town. Many Bobcats make the venture north to party in downtown Austin, as it only about 20 minutes or so. When they stay in town, they party or hang out at The Square, located in downtown San Marcos.

Bar 141 on The Square, formerly known as Lucy's, is playing host to three great indie bands tonight. Two out of the three playing, I have seen and can attest to their great live sets. The first band is Austin's own Quiet Company. I have their album, Everyone You Love Will Be Happy Soon, and caught them twice in the past six months. They are indie-piano rock, like if Bens Fold was actually a young hipster(ish) band. When I saw them live, they always sounded pretty good.

The Soldier Thread (photo by Randy Creman)

The second band on the bill is another Austin indie band, The Soldier Thread. I have their album, Shapes, that I picked up at show at Mohawk at The Morakestra's CD release show. I remember being taken away by the violinist and impressed with how beautiful her voice was. They also have a pianist and full backing band. From what I understand, they're pretty new and Shapes is their first full length album that I know of. I can totally see them being an indie blogger band and taking off. If they catch one good break, kiss seeing them for five to ten bucks locally good bye.

This Will Destroy You

The apparent headliner, This Will Destroy You, is a band I just got wind of recently and have yet to check out live. I was talking to a random stranger at the bar one night at Mohawk during a Calm Blue Sea show, and he mentioned This Will Destroy you to me. He was telling me if I liked The Calm Blue Sea, or just really good ambient indie rock, to check these guys out. I wish I knew his name. I'd thank him. After I heard some songs on their Myspace, I put This Will Destroy You on my list of bands to see live. In fact, I will see them live at Fun Fun Fun Fest at Waterloo Park on November 7th. That should be cool.

This is the only clip I found on YouTube that was good sound quality. Their live videos weren't very good, but you get the idea with this vid. Checkout the band's links below and listen for yourself. Bar 141 is the spot tonight.

Links for tonight's bands:

This Will Destroy You

The Soldier Thread

Quiet Company

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magic singalong song chip said...

This will destroy you - they have a very catching name. After watcihng the vid that you posted here i searched youtube for more vids of them. To tell you honesty this is the first time i've heard a song of them and im really amazed... well where can i find more songs of them? hope you can share more sources for me and other people who are interested with them.

Magic Sing Et13k said...

They are good... Any updates from this band? I hope they can make it in the industry....