Friday, September 4, 2009

Maneja Beto: More Than Just My Friday Concert Pick

I really don't even know where to begin when it comes to talking about one of my favorite bands ever, Maneja Beto. They aren't an internationally signed, although they should be. They are from right here in Austin, although that wasn't my first guess when I saw them for the first time at ACL Fest in 2005. They don't sound like anyone else, known or local. That's what I love about them. They truly are an original in every sense of the word. I feel at times, they might even be ahead of their time. They sound so far evolved from most Latin radio music out today. It is as if they took the best from traditional Latin music, indie, jazz, electronica and rock and created a completely new genre.

Every time I'd have people listen to their music or bring them to one of their shows, they gained a new fan. It didn't matter of it was one of my hipster classmates from St. Ed's or my mother even. They were all impressed. From 2005 to about summer 2008, they were always around. Their normal spots were Club DeVille, Mohawk, etc. I always took them for granted and didn't realize it until they went on a small break, or what I refer to as their "hiatus" last year. It was weird not seeing them around.

Well this year they made their return at Austin' s best new festival, Pachanga Fest at Fiesta Gardens in May. Everything suddenly felt normal again, only this time I wanted to make a point to use my editorial power to do everything I could to help them succeed. I want so badly for them to "make it" and never take another break. I know that sounds rather "fanboy" of me, but so be it. I'd never say that on anything but my blog, but it's all true. They're such talented dudes and their members play in other great bands around town, including Mitote, The Escondido Project, Mice and Rifles and Pack Of Wolves.

I want you all to get to know them and hear them live. I want you all to buy or download their albums. First and foremost, I want you all to go check them out live tonight as they play at The Mohawk with a DJ Chorizo Funk, Black Cock, and a great band from San Antonio, Bombasta. Doors open at nine. Get there early. You'll love Mohawk if you haven't been before.

Oh yeah...I almost forgot. We (Austin Vida) just launched and uploaded a new video interview with all the guys from Maneja Beto which you can now view on the home page. You get the story behind the name, the reason for their "hiatus", and get to hear from them how they craft their sound. Before you view that, check out this live clip we shot at Stubb's this summer.

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Check out the Maneja Beto video interview on Austin Vida:

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