Wednesday, September 23, 2009

"Preludio" by Telaranas Y Telaperros

Telaranas y Telaperros

Telaranas y Telaperros are a talented young indie band originally from Atlanta, Georgia who are now based in Dallas, Texas. According to their bio, their influences lie with Joy Division, Silvio Rodriguez, and old Spanish Literature. In fact their band’s name comes from a line in the popular Pablo Neruda poem, Testamento de Otono. That alone should tell you that they see things, hear things, and think differently than most.

They are currently working on new material due out this fall. I absolutely love this band and regret not having discovered them sooner. For those of you who do not understand Spanish, fear not. They do sing in English as well, but their music is definitely capable of crossing over into English language markets. This is the kind of music Pitchfork and Paste Magazine are made of.

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