Saturday, September 26, 2009

Saturday Night Show Pick: Alex Cuba at Stubb's

Tonight at Stubb's indoor is your chance to check out one of my favorite Latin artists, Alex Cuba. I first learned of Alex Cuba through my friend Angela's program, Latino USA on NPR. Hostess Maria Hinojosa interviewed Alex and then played a couple of songs. Having loved what I heard, I got the album immediately. At the time it was his latest album called Humo de Tabaco, which translates to Tobaco Smoke.

It was funny because my favorite track on the album that I couldn't stop jammin' to was a song called "Dramatica Mujer".What is funny to me is the song features American pop star, Jason Mraz. I'm not into Mraz really, but he's tolerable at times. I loved Mraz's his recent rendition of a song he did with Mexican pop star, Ximena Sarinana, called "Suerte". It was a Spanglish remake of the same song with Colbie Caillat. If Mraz keeps pulling this Latin duo act, I may end up liking him one day.

Anyway, back to Alex Cuba...

He's no stranger to Austin. He's performed a buzz worthy set during SXSW in 2008 and did the Studio 1B performance at KUT. I have yet to see him live and look forward to tonight. He is touring to support his latest album, Agua Del Pozo. It is an amazing album, full of Cuba's signature Latin soul, jazz, funk and traditional Caribbean music stylings that won me over the first time I heard his music.

If Alex Cuba is completely new to you, then let me give you a brief background. He was born in the small Cuban town of Artemisia, right outside of Havana. He now lives in Canada, where he won a Juno award in 2006. he has his record label, called Caracol Records. For those of you who have the latest Nelly Furtado album, Mi Plan, he had a hand in that (pun intended). There's plenty of great and interesting info I left off, but you get the idea. 

Here's a little video taste of what his style sounds like. Plus, check out that amazing 'fro. It is his signature look. The video for the title track to Alex Cuba's latest album, Agua Del Pozo.

Here are some helpful links regarding Alex Cuba and tonight's show:

Alex Cuba Myspace

Alex Cuba Official Website

Alex Cuba Concert information on Do512

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