Thursday, September 17, 2009

Thursday Night show pick: The Lemurs at Mohawk

Let the indie hipsterdom ensue at Mohawk tonight. Austin's own The Lemurs and Louisiana's Giver's will be gracing the stage. I admit, I know nothing about Givers other than what was on their Myspace page. Apparently it is a collaboration of several Louisiana improv musicians who look straight out of the pages of American Apparel or the Urban Outfitters catalog. Their music sounds interesting though and I'd be curious to hear it live. The female lead singer, Tif Lamson, sounds very soulful and out of place in a lo-fi indie pop band like this.

The Lemurs

What I can tell you is that The Lemurs are a Red River favorite here in the indie circles. Having been featured on M.E. TV here in Austin and just about all the ad rag grab and go papers I can think of, The Lemurs are not short on local exposure. It's for good reason, as their live show is worth seeing. I don't think their album sounds as good as their live show, but Million Little Bits is a good pick up for anyone. Let me suggest that you make the pretentious vinyl purchase which come with the mp3 downloads. There is still no better way to listen to music than on vinyl. Tonight, The Lemurs at Mohawk is the best show in town. Give a listen to this great clip of their song "My Definition" from their M.E. Live taping.

The Lemurs will perform on the inside stage after the outside show, Cracker and Clem Snide. The Mohawk is located on 912 Red River and the inside show with Givers and The Lemurs starts around 11:55.

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