Monday, September 7, 2009

Tueday Night Show Pick: Kat Edmonson at Vino Vino

My Tuesday concert pick is Austin's own jazz sensation, Kat Edmonson. Edmonson first caught caught my attention last year with a viral YouTube video for a song called "Be The Change". She is a staple around Austin, usually at places like The Elephant Room. The Elephant Room is one of Austin's few well known jazz spots on South Congress.Tonight Edmonson plays a 7:00 show at Vino Vino, a hip little wine bar on 42nd & Guadalupe Street.

If you haven't heard Edmonson's music, you're missing out. Her voice often gets labeled as "kitten like". It certainly has a sultry old school jazz sound, reminiscent of a modern day Doris Day. Once an American idol contestant (or reject), she is now a rising star. She's been invited to play jazz festivals all over the country and received lots of great reviews for her latest album, Take To The Sky.

I just recently downloaded Take To The Sky, and I have listened to it on many evenings while writing or relaxing at home to a good book. I absolutely love her cover of The Cure's classic, "Just Like Heaven". Her rendition of "Lucky" is a close second favorite of mine. The track from the video I mentioned earlier, "Be The Change" is not on Take To The Sky. That is why I chose to post that for you here along with some helpful links to get familiar with Kat's music.

For more on Kat Edmonson, visit the following links:

Kat Edmonson Myspace

Kat Edmonson Interview on Austin Sound

Kat Edmonson Official Website

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